Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Fight: Human Rights are Important

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists and activists. The men have worked together to report on injustices around the country and they make sure that they are doing what they can to make things better for everyone who is a part of the country.

They do not like social injustice and they want to make sure that everyone has equal opportunities to make their lives better when they are a part of the cultural experience. It is something that has changed the way that people can do things and has made it better for them when they are in different situations.

When Lacey and Larkin were running their website, they tried to make sure that they told people about things that were corrupt and about things that were wrong with the world that they were living in. This was one of their main goals and something that they felt should always be done no matter what type of reporter was working on the information.

They knew that it was their duty to let others know about any information that they uncovered and they wanted people to be aware of all of the opportunities that they had that were taken away from them by these agencies.

One agency that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found out about was their very own sheriff’s department in Phoenix. This department was doing things illegally and was not within constitutional limits with the way that they were treating people.

They had people arrested for no reason, they were doing things illegally and they were making major problems for the people who lived in the area. Lacey and Larkin chose to do a report on it so that others would know what was going on and so that they could be aware of the corruption that was happening.

The sheriff’s office responded in the same way that they responded to everything else that they didn’t like. They had Larkin and Lacey arrested and charged just because they didn’t like what they had to say in the report.

Since Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had been helping people who were going through similar things throughout their entire career, they were confident that they were within their rights and they made the choice to try and fight the sheriff’s department on the charges that they were trying to file against them for the report that they did.

While the court case was not an easy one and took a long time for the men to be able to get through, they found that it was worth it in the end. They took it through several different courtrooms and they were able to win against the sheriff’s office. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

Instead of having to deal with the charges and the fines that came along with the charges, the men were awarded a settlement from the sheriff. They were then able to take the over three million dollar sum and start the Frontera Fund where they could help other people with civil rights cases.

Greg Secken: Financial Trader with Family Values

Greg Secker believes that the biggest key to his success is his supportive family, friends and business associates. Though he is an expert trader and teaches innovative foreign exchange trading technique, he feels that his most important role is that of being a father. Family is clearly important to Secker, and his values are apparent in the way he works and runs his business.

Secker became successful in trading at a young age, and at 27 he was able to start working from home as a trader full time. His value of relationships led him to begin teaching his family and friend the aspects of trading that he had picked up through trial and error, especially in the area of foreign exchange trading. He was a talented teacher, and soon his business expanded to include people other than friends and family.

Greg Secker noticed that there was a lack of programs that helped beginner traders become successful. The road to success was often rocky and full of turmoil, and Secker felt that it did not need to be so daunting. Because he had learned so much through his own learning curve with the markets, it was his mission to share with others so that they could improve their lives in a more expedited manner. Family has been an integral part of his journey to success, and his strong family values help him take his knowledge and share it with the world. In a recent interview Greg Secker stated that his friends, family, and supportive business relationships “really do keep me going and give me new ideas of where to go next”.

Greg Secker is known in the financial trading world for being an expert in foreign exchange trading. How did he become an expert in this area? He started out working for other people, but knew that he wanted to work for himself. He worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he gained valuable experience before creating his own business called The Virtual Trading Desk He started at Thomas Cook Financial services before moving to a foreign exchange to create a new business called The Virtual Trading Desk, which enhanced his presence in the foreign trading community.

UKV PLC is a Vintner That’s Carrying Only Top Qualities of Wine Products For its Customer Base

UKV PLC has been noted as being a vintner that is well worth investing in, as they carry some of the best qualities of wine products that are available for people to invest in today. They’re currently making several recommendations, one of which is Montrose from the year of 1998. It’s one of the best products of wines and is coming from the region of St. Estephe. It’s a wine that’s been termed as being a great option for any holiday. It’s a wine that’s mostly been made with Merlot grapes. It possesses an aroma that’s earthy and has hints of black cherry and plum. Ducru Beaucailou is a label that UK Vintners termed as being a great option this holidays. The winery is among one of the first wineries of the appellation of Saint-Julien in the city of Bordeaux, France.

UK Vintners is working with vast networks of competent and reliable brokers, merchants, and traders. Their operation wine company that’s independent makes it to where it’s not limited to any single supply chain. They’re selling bonded fine wine and champagne on behalf of private individuals and trade customers. It’s a comprehensive and flexible enterprise that’s totally friendly to its clients. They’re operating small teams that are dedicated to wine services that are high in quality. They’re well-seasoned in markets of wines and are totally ready to assist clients with attaining the most optimal bottles of wine and champagne products for any occasions that they may be having.

UKV PLC is ensuring that the wine products that they carry undergo some of the most stringent forms of fermentation. This enables them to have assurance of knowing that their clientele base will be fully satisfied with the products that they provide for them. The tastes and feelings the wine products provide should be of the highest qualities, otherwise, UK Vintners PLC will not feel comfortable with carrying them in the lines of products that they offer.

About UKV PLC : frenchtribune.com/teneur/25351-ukv-plcs-guide-french-wine

Mathew Autterson is a Highly Qualified Investment Manager

Investment management is the skillful handling of assets by a professional on behalf of an investor. These assets include real estate and securities, such as shares and bonds among others. The main aim of investment management is to gain returns and meet certain financial and investments objectives of an investor. Investment management involves certain services, such as selecting assets and stocks, investments monitoring, plans implementation, and advisory services.

Benefits of Investment Management

Investment Management provides an array of advantages to an investor. An investor is assured of security for his investments regarding risk management. One can avoid mistakes that would prove costly in the long run. Investment management also helps investors to understand what their investments entail. They also give frequent updates on the investments, which keep one up to date with the happenings in the market. Managing investments is time-consuming, but busy individuals can largely benefit from investment management. Anyone who doesn’t understand the market and risks involved can benefit from investment management.

Top Management Firms

Some of the top investments management companies include BlackRock Inc., which is based in New York. The firm has massive expertise in assets management. The company is built on strong customer value and has a wide variety of products to fit every need. Another top investment firm is Vanguard. Vanguard was the first investment management entity to launch an index mutual fund. The company is focused on creating wealth for their clients while keeping costs at the minimum.

About Mathew Autterson

Mathew Autterson is an independent investment manager residing in Denver. The Buena Vista University graduate boasts over 20 years in investment and financial industries. Mathew Autterson is currently the principal wealth adviser at WIN Wealth Management.

Mathew Autterson has previously worked with the American Express and Royal Alliance as a registered representative. Mathew Autterson was once a financial management professor at North Lowa Area Community College.

Anyone Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery Should Turn to Dr. Jennifer Walden

Not everyone likes how they look in the mirror, and some may get to the point where they feel the need to go to a plastic surgeon. Going to a plastic surgeon is a personal choice, and some may feel the need for a surgeon while others feel that they can fix what they don’t like by doing the work themselves. Those who are overweight may simply exercise and diet to lose the weight, but others may choose to go to a plastic surgeon to get rid of the weight. Some may feel that their skin texture is not what they’d like, so they use creams and lotions to tighten up their skin, but others go to a top cosmetic surgeon.

Yes, there are many things that can be done outside of going to a cosmetic surgeon to get a certain look, a cosmetic surgeon can almost guarantee that the person will get the look that they want. Not everyone can do things at home to fix problems that they may see in themselves, especially with things like the size of their ears, the shape of their nose, sagging or loose skin, the size of their breasts and more. Certain procedures have to be performed by a plastic surgeon in order to be done correctly. Click here to know more.

Those who choose to go to a plastic surgeon for any issues that they may have with their body must first determine what kind of procedure they want. Most plastic surgery procedures are something that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs. Dr. Jennifer Walden is unique when it comes to plastic surgery because she does so many kinds of surgeries and because of the fact that she’s a lady. Many people who think of plastic surgeons always imagine a man performing surgery, but Dr. Jennifer Walden has broken that mold.

Dr. Jennifer Walden not only performs surgeries that can help a person to lose weight. She can also tighten a person’s skin, change their nose, transfer fat to certain parts of their body, and she even does labiaplasties, which helps a lady to make her vaginal area look better. Dr. Jennifer Walden has had many clients in the past, even those who are not from Texas, where she has her practice, and her work speaks for itself. Even with many customers leaving glowing reviews about Dr. Jennifer Walden, the work that she does can easily be seen in pictures and proves that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Facebook: Facebook.com/PlasticSurgeryNYC/

Richard Mishaan Design Brings Style to your Home

Everyone wants to live in a home whose décor is an envy to many. So if you happen to have the means, you can hire an interior designer. This is where people like Richard Mishaan come in. Richard Mishaan has made a name for himself in the interior designing world. This is evident through his recognition as one of the best architectural/interior designers in New York.


Career Life

Richard Mishaan started at the bottom of the chain and has worked his way up. He attended Columbia University and got his BA from New York University. After finishing his studies, he worked as an apprentice. Later, he started Richard Mishaan Design. Mishaan is a firm believer that every good furniture piece can be put together successfully regardless of the style or price.

He has written two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. He first got into designing hotels when he was asked to design a presidential suite for the St. Regis Hotel in New York. Richard believes that in order for a hotel to be considered excellent, it needs a combination of glamor, comfort, good quality and an ooze of sexiness.


Richard Mishaan Hotel Designs

Richard Mishaan’s work in the hotel industry as a designer is no secret. He just concluded his design on the Shelborne Hotel and is working on designing the Hotel Tcherassi, Marriot AC hotel and finally, he is looking to unveil a new hotel that he has founded. His inspiration comes from his exposure to the culture around the world. He travels a lot and gets to interact with other cultures and customs and from this, he gets fresh ideas.


His favorite person to work with, in the industry is Silvia Tcherrasi. Like Richard, she is passionate about design. He also loved working with Soss Klein because of his marketing abilities and creativity. However, he loves the experience he has gained through everyone he has met and worked with.


Final Note

Richard is an interior design guru and through his company Richard Mishaan Design, he gets to live his dream.

José Borghi Appreciated as Among Brazil’s Most Talented Advertisers

The entire media fraternity of Brazil acknowledges José Henrique Borghi as one of the premium advertisers. José is also the founder of Mullen Lowe agency, a venture that has a crucial role in catapulting his campaigns. Nearly all José Borghi’s campaigns create a significant impact. For instance, consider Mammals of Parmalat, where kids were dressed in animal stuff. They matched singing jingles that have remained engraved in people’s hearts till date. At the mention of José Borghi, minds of many people click “It is the love,” yet another unforgettable hit.

Inspiring Details About Borghi’s Career Life

Mr. José realized his would-be career amid uncertainty. His sister invited him over at Castro Neves Theater to watch some performance. José was in junior high school back then, and his sister wanted to help realize his future career. True to his sister’s idea, by the end of that performance, José already knew what he would pursue as a career. Although it had not taken shape yet, he left the theater with a clear picture of the course his life would take. He did not know he would later grow into a prominent national figure, taking charge of important cases. Click here to know more.

What Does the Brazilian Advertising Mogul Say About his Success?

José knew he would not expect any funding. He was a newbie without a godfather or family or any investors. As such, they worked, and still work hard to realize great success. Running an ad agency has grown him significantly. Being a marathoner also played a key role in helping José pursue sturdily. It taught him not to depend on any luck or donations. Having the right spirit and attitude towards life made it all. Coupling such with hard-work made it even better. José Borghi now serves alongside André Gomes as a co-CEO of Mullen Lowe.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBZUAB2iP5o

Is George Soros a Man of Interest or Selfless Goals?

George Soros, the Jewish kid who became one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world. He has become a target of debates for years now, and most of them have started again after the 2016 American elections of Hilary Clinton against Donald Trump, and the victory of the last has shocked the world as among the supporters of the other candidate was the magnate and philanthropist George Soros.

Mr. Soros is a multi-billionaire that has done a lot to move the political system in the world around him. He has backed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton not so much because he supported her ideals, but because she was the strongest candidate that was against Donald Trump and his hate speeches.

As a boy who saw the horrors of the Nazi army and their aggressiveness against Jewish people, George Soros is a big sympathizer of freedom and cultural variety, and he saw very carefully that Trump was, among other things, praising censorship and was against women rights in many interviews that he did during his candidacy. The man has become one of the most influential philanthropists of the world, having already donated billions of dollars to charitable causes, non-profitable initiatives and organizations that seek to fight for freedom of speech and expression.

The philanthropist and billionaire have built foundations by himself that he named “Open Society Foundations,” which have professionals and allies working on the same principles as Soros: Fight for a world with cultural diversity and acceptance. Most of his donations to non-profit causes are made through these foundations, or through Soros Fund Management, his hedge fund.

After Trump had assumed the presidency, many people went to the streets to protest against it, either because they thought that the electoral system was rigged or because they say that Trump does not represent America for them. The other side of the spectrum, however, thinks that everything is just a strike and that George Soros, among other participants of the opposing team, are interested investors and shady individuals who want to control the world or something like that. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

As George Soros has proved dozens of times, he is not a puppet master looking to control the United States, but rather preserve a future that is theoretically better for everybody, not just the pure blood Americans who do not suffer from the same prejudice that migrants and LGBT people do, for example. Trump does not have the support of the less-represented communities of the country, which is a huge sign that America is divided once again and the reclusive communities are even more reclusive now that their president does not represent their interests.

Being an American but born in Budapest, George Soros wants to see the best in the nation that he has adopted to be his home, and he does not think that Trump is the right candidate to lead the suffering communities that need substantial support. Because George Soros has the wealth to make the world a better place, he is part of the opposition and one of the biggest representatives of those who want the political side of America to change. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

Live Nation’s Contract Ending With Jay Z After 10 Years

Live Nation and Jay Z entered into a contract together in 2008. The contract was for $150 million over the course of 10 years. However, the contract is coming to the end in 2018. Sources have stated that Jay Z is already reaching out to others in the music industry to purchase a stack in his company, Roc Nation. Live Nation has stated that they would not be extending the contract. The reasoning behind this is that Live Nation no longer purchases artists rights and their recorded music. But that doesn’t mean Live Nation and Jay Z will not do business with each other. Live Nation has stated that they wish to continue their lucrative touring deal, but they wish to discontinue any dealings with the recorded music aspect. Check pagesix.com for related article.

Speculations have already started when Desiree Perez and Jay Z met with the chairman of Universal Music Group. Universal Music Group is currently holding a distribution deal with Roc Nation and welcomes any further ventures with Jay Z. But sources have stated that as of right now, no discussions have been brought up about the ending of Jay Z’s contract with Live Nation. If a deal is made between Universal Music Group and Jay Z, it could open the doors providing resources to Jay Z that is needed to further his career.

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Desiree Perez has worked closely with Jay Z over the past two decades. She has had her hand in many deals since she is well versed in the music industry. Desiree Perez has run the company SC Enterprises for a long time and that shows just how passionate she is with her career. She is well known when it comes to negotiations and is out of this world when it comes to crunching numbers. For updates on Dez timeline activities, click crunchbase.com. She is involved with the Collective. The Collective is known as the Hova Circle of Influence. This circle involves several people that work in different sections such as labeling operations, publishing, and management of Roc Nation, check this on onmogul.com.

Additional article on http://www.businessinsider.in/heres-how-jay-z-spends-his-money/articleshow/57187895.cms

How EOS Became a Radical Success

Seven years ago, a lip balm by the name of EOS began to take over shelves at major retailers, causing an uproar over the variety of flavors. Before EOS hit the market, lip balm was a bland purchase of necessity. With EOS came flavors of grapefruit and honeydew that were raved about by celebrities and beauty editors at Cosmo and Allure.

Evolution of Smooth, the company’s full name, sells over 1 million units a week of lip balm. EOS lip balm is second only to Burt’s Bees, outpacing Chapstick and Blistex in sells. According to Kline Research, EOS has increased market growth in the oral care category which is driven by natural and organic product demands. For activity update of EOS, follow their facebook.com page

EOS cofounder and managing partner explains in Fast Company’s interview about EOS’s business strategy that as a small start-up, EOS’s attention was on creating products and distributing them. Now, Mehra discusses that “…it is important for consumers to know a little bit more about the business we are and the values we stand for.”

After consumer research indicated that there was space in the market for a product tailor-made for women’s beauty, EOS set about creating a radically different take on lip balm. To Mehra, that meant that EOS needed to be effective and consistently pleasurable to use. This included a soft round packaging, a variety of colorful orbs, new smells and even flavors of lip balms with organic ingredients. To top it all off, EOS set a price point of $3 to compete in the oral care market. Hop over now to walmart.com and make a choice.

Now, reaching their demographic through beauty bloggers and celebrity endorsements, EOS lip balm has excelled by becoming a household product. This allows them to create new products and enter new markets thanks to their ‘entrepreneurial mind-set’ and ‘big-company discipline’ that is described by Mehra as part of EOS’s success.  Head over to this important site.

More details on https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU