Richard Blair Role with the Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair is one individual who has built a reputation around the Austin area for offering the most innovative solutions to his clients. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has various certifications that make him all rounded and competent. These certifications include the RICP, CFS, CES, and CAS.

With the many years of experience, he has managed to help clients grow business wise and has also helped individuals struggling with the retirement dilemma. His firm, Wealth Solutions, is located in Austin, Texas, and functions as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm and this makes the client love the firm even more.

Richard Blair has been in the financial industry for long. He established the Wealth Solutions in the year 1994 after been inspired by his grandmother and mother who were both teachers.

These two influential figures taught him the importance of confidence in acquiring knowledge. He believes in a three-pillar plan when it comes to the financial plan of a client. He has designed the first plan to establish and define the financial roadmap for the client.

This means looking into the strengths and goals of this plan. It also entails looking at its risk tolerance and not forgetting the growth opportunities associated with it. Richard Blair has the belief that the best way to help a client is by understanding where they are coming from and what their goals are.

According to Wealth Minder, The second pillar by Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is one that entails coming up with a long-term strategy that will be used by the client to meet his/ her goals in the long term.

This is focused on the liquidity needs of the client as well as the investments goals that the client has. This way, Wealth Solution manages to maximize the performance of its clients’ needs. Finally, the last pillar revolves around having a good insurance scheme for the client.

Securus Technologies saves families thousands

Securus Technologies‘ most popular product has quickly become its video visitation system. Since unveiling the system almost a decade ago, its explosive growth in popularity has continued apace. Today Securus’ video visitation systems are installed in 168 institutions and service over 1.2 million inmates across the United States. 160,000 visits per month are realized through this innovative technology. Contrary to misleading reports by detractors, this growth is due exclusively to the soaring popularity of the service with both inmates and their families. And there are good reasons why so many have come to love it.


Prison visitations – a problem in need of a solution


Throughout the history of the U.S. corrections system, one of the programs that inmates have most cherished is visitation: the ability to see family and friends from their outside lives. This has always been widely recognized by those who work in the prison system as a potent ameliorant to the angst and onset of violent despair towards which isolated inmates so often drift. Family visitations gave inmates hope and ultimately saved lives.


However, a problem faced by many family and friends of inmates was the location of the prison. In states like Texas or even Michigan, it was not uncommon for families to live hundreds of miles from the place of their loved ones’ incarceration. Until very recently, this meant visiting a son or father in prison could easily cost in excess of $500 for a family who couldn’t complete the trip in one day. As a result, many inmates would only see or hear from their family members a few times a year, if that.


With the advent of Securus’ video visitation, a $500 visitation has been turned into a $2.72 visitation, the average cost of a Securus video call. This means inmates can stay in touch with their loved ones, face to face, not once a year, but multiple times per week. And even this can ultimately cost less over an entire year than one single visitation used to cost. This saves families thousands and allows them almost the same level of contact with their loved one that they would have enjoyed outside the prison system.

Wengie’s Tips On Improving How People Eat Stuff



Wengie produces a YouTube channel that is loaded with a great deal of solid information on beauty, hair care, health, and more. The topics of the channel do vary and the presentation is always entertaining. A video of changing up the way people should eat their food is Wengie at her best. Eating right — and eating the right way — play a role in making meals and snacks more enjoyable. A short YouTube video on this topic is worth checking out.


Wengie lists a full 11 ways in which people eat their food wrong. The first tip she shows deals with the disaster of a soggy ice cream cone bottom. A novel way to fix the situation is presented. Wengie just stuffs a marshmallow down to the bottom of the cone. The simple solution works plus it adds a tasty ending to the cone itself.


Wengie shows how to make a healthier beverage than traditional sodas. She puts sparkling, sugar free soda water into a glass and then adds frozen Kool-Aid ice cubes to the drink. The look of the drink is pretty neat. The color scheme allows the sparkling water to look like a rainbow, which is kind of cool.


Making ice cubes with fruit in them is another hack she shows. The idea is pretty simple, but it turns a glass of water into something really unique. And yes, the drink becomes healthier thanks to the nutrients in the fruit.


Wengie even reinvents the way a banana can and should be peeled. By tweaking the traditional way to peel a banana, the stem remains in place and the entire banana is kept from breaking. Both of these results are absolutely valuable to anyone who doesn’t want to waste any bit of the banana. Bananas are good for you. So don’t waste them.


Wengie put a lot of effort into this video and it shows. All 11 hacks are pretty fun to watch. They are thoughtful and well-instructed. Wengie’s sense of humor and the nice production values assist the videos with getting their fun message across.

Fabletics And The Factors To Business Success

There are a lot of factors that influence how successful a company is going to be. As a matter of fact, the requirements of success for a company has changed throughout the years. For one thing, all a company had to do in earlier days was provide good products and sell them at a good price. People didn’t really pay attention to much of the other factors behind the scenes. One of the reasons was that such information is not readily available. Therefore, people just bought the products from the company and enjoyed them. As long as people didn’t ask no one would know.

This has changed with the use of internet. The internet is now a good source of information on any company. All a person has to do is look up information on a company and they will find plenty of reviews that will influence them on the decision that they will make on whether or not to do any type of business with the company. Among the pieces of information that is covered is not only the products that were bought with the company, but the type of customer service that the company provides to the customers.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Made Headlines For Its Ad Campaign With a Bleeped Word

One of the companies that holds its own in this area is Fabletics. Fabletics provides such good customer service that people find themselves satisfied with the service. It has gained a lot when it comes to sales. It is getting ready to compete with Amazon in the area of athletic clothing. One of the reasons that it is gaining such momentum is that it provides its own products for sale. With Amazon, people are presented with products from other companies and manufacturers. This makes it less likely for people to find something that they can’t find anywhere else.

One thing that could be said for companies like Fabletics is that they take the time to provide their own products and present customers with unique experiences. This is one of the most important things to do for companies that are trying to succeed in the industry. It does not hurt that celebrities are backing the company for both men and women. Kate Hudson is one of the backers of Fabletics for women while her brother, Oliver is involved with the promotion of the men’s line of clothing. With the goal of taking on Amazon, Fabletics is making an impressive run in this season.

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Evaluating John Holt’s Valuable Knowledge at the Texas Bankers Annual Strategic Conference

NexBank’s CEO & President, Mr. John Holt, recently attended the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a panelist, he provided invaluable insight on the agenda, “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” The Conference acts as a platform for consultants, advisers, prominent entrepreneurs and bank leaders to share perceptions on the opportunities and trials facing community bank chiefs.

During the Summit, global leaders expounded on strategic opportunities through M&A activities, as well as through branching and sustainable growth. Through such deliberations, participants get to make a difference in the corporate world.

NexBank Capital Inc. in Brief

NexBank is a financial service institution that offers clients numerous provisions through three core subdivisions: Mortgage Banking, Institutional Services and Commercial Banking. Each package is customized to meet the diverse needs of customers and companies nationwide.
Mortgage Banking-NexBank is a committed partner when hunting for homes that match your preference and tastes. Having selected a house, clients should proceed with the paperwork for obtaining a mortgage.
• Commercial banking
 Commercial lending- whether you require capital to initiate a startup or finance an existing business, NexBank is your most listening and caring partner. The commercial enterprise possesses numerous packages tailored to meet your fiscal needs. For starters, the company offers viable loans to businesses in need of expanding into new markets. On the other hand, SBA loans are a suitable option due to their flexible terms and conditions.
• Investment Banking
 Corporate financing -if you are in need of equity capital, then NexBank is your number one partner. In-house professionals will advise you on viable target markets for various products and services on offer.
 Recapitalization and restructuring-don’t wait for your business to collapse before consulting NexBank advisors. Such professionals will guide you on debt recapitalization & balance sheet restructuring.
 Mergers & Acquisitions-as your business grows, you might consider buying a rival company to dominate the market. In this case, NexBank will guide you on the proper procedure for finalizing acquisitions.

Avi Weisfogel: Knowledge Is Very Important In Finding A Solution

The human condition is filled with plenty of issues. Among the issues is sleep apnea. This is one of the issues that can be very hard to defeat once and for all. One of the reasons that sleep apnea can be hard to cure is because it is not a condition in and of itself. It is a symptom. If a symptom is treated all by itself, then it is likely to come back until the underlying cause is taken care of. In some cases, just treating the symptoms could make the problem worse. However, there are people that are passionate about looking about the underlying causes of sleep apnea.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the people that are very knowledgeable about sleep apnea. He does understand that it is a symptom that could have many root causes. Among the different root causes that he has looked at is dental health. He has seen that dental problems could cause sleep apnea. Therefore, he treats the issue with the hopes of making sure that the patient is able to get improved sleep. Given his thoughts about sleep apnea and dental health, he has started his own practice called Dental Sleep Masters.


One thing that could be said about sleep apnea is that there are a lot of issues that could cause this condition. Dr Weisfogel understands that a lot of these issues are dietary. For instance, diabetes can be a root cause of sleep apnea. This explains why some people with diabetes are often drowsy no matter how many hours of sleep they get.


Given Dr. Weisfogel’s passion about treating sleep apnea, people who visit him can rest assured that they will be able to get the rest that they need. They will be more likely to wake up more refreshed.

Eric Pulier: Of Software And Health

Eric Pulier is one of the people who come up with solutions that are rather visionary. He is someone who is such a philanthropist that he makes his philanthropy drive his success. While Eric Pulier develop software, among the other things he deals with is health, education, and societal issues. Because of his passion for helping others, he has come up with inventions and companies that will help others solve different issues of the world. Eric Pulier helping people manage their health and improve their education while they are at it. Eric has shown that he can be very influential to people.

Among the companies that he has founded is People Doing Things (PDT). With this company, he used technology to help with the different issues of life. Among the issues were healthcare, education, and plenty of others. One of his greatest achievements was putting together a social network platform called Starbright World. This allowed children that suffered from chronic illnesses to talk with one another and share their experiences. One thing that could be said for chronically ill children is that their illness could affect their education in a multitude of ways. Often times, they are left feeling alone and discouraged. Starbright World allows them to connect with one another.

As an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Eric Pulier makes a lot of donations to different causes. This shows that he is a very generous person. One thing that he is doing to help others is help them solve some of the greatest challenges of humanity. One thing that could be said for Eric Pulier is that he is always looking for some kind of way to improve the lives of others. He especially has a heart for those that are at a disadvantage. This is why he has founded plenty of useful organizations.

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Wine Merchants in the United Kingdom

Oddbins was started by entrepreneur Ahmed Pochee in 1963. The specialize in importing wines from Portugal and have even won the Best Specialist Chain award at the Portuguese Wine Awards. They host wine tasting events all over Britain and have an upcoming event in Liverpool.

Vintners Selection is one of the finest UK Vintners. They have introduced imported wines from a myriad amount of countries including: Austria, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Italy, California, Chile, Germany, Portugal and Spain. Their offices are located in the Bourne parish of Lincolnshire, England.

Majestic Vintners are one of many UK Vintners and opened their first warehouse in 1980.Since the 1980’s, they have continued to expand and open up stores and now they also sell wines through their online store. They specialize in selling bulk wine by the case to restaurants, resellers or individuals. They offer a current deal of 10% off if you buy 6 or more bottles of wine per order.

Tanners Wine Merchants are on of the older UK Vintners, having been established in 1842. It is a family owned, independent business with James Tanner as the chairman. They have wines and champagnes from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, New Zealand and other select regions of the world. Their offices are located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

The Vintners’ company is also one of the oldest UK Vintners. They have been open since 1363 and their famous Vintners’ Hall has hosted events and even survived World War II. They offer financial and material support to other traders in the industry. They currently support the Wine Standards Board, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, the Institute of Masters of Wine. They are also involved in charity groups such as their own “The Benevolent” and they support the Wine Studies Centre at Plumpton College in Sussex.

Wine Direct is an online based wine merchant that is part of the Neulin Trading Ltd. They have been open since 1994 and offers bulk discounted wine and they ship directly to customers. The minimum order is typically 12 bottles of wine per shipment. Their imported wines are from many different countries including India, South Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Germany, Greece and Hungary.

Martin Lustgarten Helps With All Investments

Martin Lustgarten has helped a lot of people who wanted to invest because he knows that each of them needs assistance figuring out how they will invest their money. Their money is being put into the faithful hand of someone like Martin Lustgarten because he is very good with each and every choice. He wants to be sure that all the people who come to him get a new perspective on the work that they want to do. It is very easy for people to learn about investing internationally, and someone who knows that they have chosen the right place to invest will start earning money quickly.

The fast earners are the ones who allow Martin Lustgarten to show them different markets around the world that are host to the most powerful funds possible. Someone can invest in stocks or commodities across the world, or they can go into the markets that involve currency. It helps every single person figure out how they will be sure that they have the largest amount of money in their account, and Martin Lustgarten has a long track record of helping people who need assistance. They need to know for sure that they have help, and they need to speak with someone who knows current events.

The current events that people learn about show them how every government will respond with their own economic policies. That is why people wants to be sure that they can work with Martin Lustgarten over all others. He is very good at what he does because he knows every market, and he wants to teach people so that they can succeed on their own. These people can learn how to all their investing alone, and the person who wants to be sure that they can earn more must call Martin Lustgarten today.

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Eric Pulier is the Best Person to Contact for Help with a New Enterprise System

I have a business that uses enterprise technology, and I started working with Eric Pulier a few years ago because I knew that we needed to have a special kind of enterprise system that would create email accounts for our people, connect them to their phones and put us in touch with the phones when we needed it. We are working with people who are in the field, and while text is a good thing, there are other things we need to send to our drivers immediately. That is something that made our business better, and it helped me send alerts to their phones instead of using some kind of typical device.

We needed to be sure that we could work with someone who would help us make sure that we could get the help that we needed, and I asked Eric Pulier if he thought I could set up this system to make the alerts ping every phone when I had to send them. This makes it so easy for me to get the results that I want with my drivers, and I know that I can send them information that will send them tot he right jobs at the right time.

We are using the Eric Pulier enterprise technology to make sure that our dispatch office is as efficient as possible. They want to be sure that they can talk to the drivers without any problem, and they also want to know that they have a way to speak to the drivers in real time. We can send traffic alerts if we have to, and we know that they can use that information to be sure that they are giving the best customer service. We are very thankful for Eric Pulier and his enterprise technology.

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