Wengie Late for School Hacks Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives viewers tips and tricks for when they are late for school in the morning. She describes life hacks on how to get ready in just fifteen minutes.

Her first hack is to drink lemon water to feel awake and energized and to detox your body. Next she suggests putting a motivational quote on your mirror to look at as you get ready. This will put you in a positive mood for the day, especially when you are feeling stressed about running late. Wengie’s next hack is to use only the bare essentials of makeup and to use multi-use cosmetic products like a BB cream.

Wengie then suggests using dry shampoo since you don’t have time to wash your hair. She says you can blast away the dry bits with a hair dryer. She also says you should choose a hairstyle that is good for unwashed hair, like a high ponytail. Her next hack is to create an emergency outfit to keep in your closet for days when you don’t have time to choose your clothes.

She suggests making bags of fruit to put in the freezer so you can make quick smoothies on busy, late mornings. This makes for a healthy, portable breakfast. Wengie next hack is to make your lunch sandwich the day before and put paper between the filling layers so it doesn’t get soggy. She also shows how to cut round lunch meat and put the straight sides out so the whole slice of bread is covered.

Next she suggests packing your bag the night before so you can leave in a rush and not forget anything. Finally, she shows how to make a checklist to stick to your door so you don’t forget any essentials (i.e. bag, lunch, keys, phone, etc.).

A Dynamic American Business Woman – Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an American business woman and founder of P3 Executive Consulting, and she is one of the directors of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 1994 she worked her up way up the corporate ladder from merchandise buyer at American Eagle Outfitters to company president and chief merchandising officer. At the time of her employment with American Eagle, the company was male dominated, and no women held executive positions. She brought about the change in the company with hard work and bold ideas. She didn’t stop at a title, and she is responsible for bringing the company $3 billion in sales through e-commerce. She created two new brands for the company, aerie and 77kids on post-gazette.com. From there she moved on to HFF Inc. with a seat on the board of directors, and private consulting in financial investment. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the Magee Women’s Research Institute and Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for extensive research in women’s health at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Susan McGalla is a hard-working and dedicated businesswoman who made her way to the top with her dynamic work ethic. She didn’t enter the business world with the intent of cutting through the male dominated retail and finance industry. She instead focused on her passion for the industry. She attributes her rise to the top to flexibility and innovation. Her firm, P3 Executive Consulting and founded in 2013 on wikimedia.org, offers consulting to high powered investors in the retail and clothing industries. It offers a unique insiders perspective to planning and management. The company also teams with schools to promote the well-being and education for children in Pennsylvania.

Born in East Liverpool, Ohio into a family of two older brothers and a father who is a football coach, Ms. Susan McGalla says she always felt comfortable and equal with both men and women. She credits her family with instilling the confidence to see herself as a person which opened the doors for her successful career.

Learn more about Susan McGalla: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/susan-mcgalla#/entity

Why Brian Bonar Received the Highest Honors from Professional Networkers

Recently, the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar, was named the Executive of the Year by Cambridge Who’s Who. This comes as no surprise after Bonar’s many accomplishments.

Only two males and two females are selected each year in each discipline, and Bonar fit the bill along with his academic achievements and his leadership abilities.  Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

Bonar has more than 30 years of management experience and has been appointed to oversee the financial operations of Dalrada. His expertise has been honed in employee benefits as well as benefits to the employer and aftermarket products.

The main purpose of Dalrada Financial Corporation is to act as a marketing liaison for these programs that benefit employees. The main goal is to focus on increasing productivity as well as the efficiency of every business they work with.

In addition to employee benefits, the company is also advising on issues regarding worker’s compensation and issues that relate to the liability of any business and how it functions. Brian Bonar has plenty on his plate, but he is also the Chairman and CEO for Trucept Inc., which was formerly known as Smart-Tek Automated Services.

It’s safe to say that Brian Bonar has the experience and the ability to hold these positions as well as advise other companies that are in need of advising for their employee benefits and programs.

As a result of Bonar’s credentials, he holds a professional affiliation with the American Finance Association.

Over the years, he has acted as the CEO, President, or CFO of several organizations including, Tradeshow Products Inc., Warning Management Services Inc., The Solvis Group Inc., Amanda Company Inc., AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc., Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Bezier Systems Inc., and has been on the Board of Directors, and Director of Operations and Sales for many others.

Excellence in Philanthropy Interview with Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been a front runner in educational reforms movement. She recently spoke about her involvement in the educational reform and school choice to Philanthropy. Mrs. DeVos expressed her optimism about the growth of the movement as there are over 250,000 students who are currently attending 33 public funded private-choice programs in the District of Columbia and in 17 states. She said that no particular incidence drew her into the program as it was more of a gradual thing. They just witnessed the sacrifice that parents at Potter’s House Christian School went through in order to pay their tuition. She and her husband started supporting individual students and this grew into a movement. This led to the growth of their commitment to help parents especially from low-income families. She also spoke about her involvement with the AFC to teach the public about the need to make a great educational choice.

About the Life and Charity Work of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a businessman and entrepreneur from the state of Michigan. He is the eldest son to Richard DeVos Sr. who co-founded the Amway Corporation with Jay Van Andel. The Amway Corporation is a network level sales company that distributes its health, personal care and household products via dealers. The dealers then recruit second level dealers who also in turn recruit the third level dealers. The last level is usually the consumers who are the final users of the products that pass through the product chain. Dick started working for Amway Corporation back in 1974 and held various positions before becoming the Vice President in 1984 to oversee its operations in the 18 countries that the company operated in.

In 1989, he left to start his own venture, Windquest Group, which manufactures and markets closet and storage organizers. He managed the NBA’s Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise following his appointment in 1991 by his father. He then returned in 1993 to Amway Corporation succeeding his father. Dick DeVos is involved in philanthropy and he is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation president. He started this foundation based in Grand Rapids area with his wife Betsy and it has donated lots of money to artistic, civil, community, free-market economic organizations and educational institutions since 1990. Potter’s Christian School is one of the beneficiaries of the many thousands of dollars contributed.  The Foundation also supports Arts funding like ArtPrize, free-market economics and scholarships for MA, MBA or MS for students from Developing Nations at Thunderbird School of Global Management.