Norka Luque Has the Drive to Push Herself to Stardom

The reason that some artists are successful while others are not has much to do with their drive behind the artist. The right producers and songwriters can be in place, but if there is no drive within the artist the music will fail to be impactful. This is certainly the case with Norka Luque. She is an artist that has become a real professional. She knows how to build up momentum and take her songs to the next level.

When she released “Milagro” this could have easily become a single that did not break outside of the Latin charts. After all, Norka is an artist that is from Venezuela. She didn’t have an American sound or any type of rooms in America. This has changed over time though because she has managed to remix the single and enter the salsa, dance and techno charts. This is not an accident. Norka Luque presented the track in such great style. She has managed to give the track a new life several times over because she has been able to promote the track to the mainstream.

This is what people that are driven will do. They push their music in a way that makes people take notice of what they are doing. There is never a time when Norka is not promoting music. She is pushing her music to new heights, and she really wants people around the world to become familiar with the music that she is creating. Emilio Estefan has certainly done that. He has helped her get the exposure that other artists like his wife Gloria Estefan were getting in the early days of her career. Gloria would become a major force in the industry. She would motivate other Latin artists and get recognition on Latin charts, but she also became the artist that would crossover into American charts and gain success.

She can sing, but she loves to cook as well. She is also interested in fashion. Her drive for music is what has given her the ability to make things come to life. Luque has become the artist that has been willing to promote herself. She has been driven to become a crossover artist that can totally shake things up.

Transforming NYC Luxury Real Estate to Another Level

Andrew Heiberger is the CEO and the Chairman of TOWN Residential from 2010. The firm holds the leading position as the NYC real estate firm in New York with the best customer services delivered by their highly qualified personnel. The professional expertise and experience of their workers have made TOWN Residential one of the 50 leading firms to work in New York City. The firm has over 600 real estate professionals in Manhattan who help the in achieving their targets in the investment goals.

TOWN Residential has specializations in luxury residential areas, leasing, property development sales, and marketing as well as commercial and retail. They have a record of helping clients secure good business premises following their good lease negotiations experience. The firm has access to architects, contractors and interior designers who help in achieving the development goals and meet the client’s expectations. Their executives are highly recognized and mostly quoted on NYC luxury real estate.

NYC real estate is growing immensely in the recent past, the luxury condominium developments in Manhattan have contributed to the shifting market. The different architectural styles, finest dining and diverse culture in New York make it one f the coveted places to live. East Midtown Rezoning is a proposal that allows larger and taller buildings in Manhattan where most buildings are about 50 years old.

28 Liberty St. Moreover, 550 Madison Avenue will target the Midtown as well as Downtown markets. Larry Silverstein owns two-world trade centre; a projected in the NYC real estate. Thomas Heatherwick will put up a monumental $200 million sculpture at Hudson Yards, which will be The “Marseillaise.” Douglas Durst Company is holding talks with Bruce Eichner to buy a site at 1800 Park Ave, 125thstreet. There is also the MTA $4.5 billion project, which is the Second Avenue Subway, which will make an extension of the Q line to East 96th Street.

Jim Hunt Launches Investment Education Product

A new, groundbreaking product has just hit the shelves of the financial world. It is called Wealth Wave, and the mastermind behind it is an advisor and investment expert Jim Hunt. He compares the product to surfing. He claims anyone can benefit from the next downturn in the stock market.

He uses a metaphor to describe how the strategy works. It’s like “surfing,” he says. See, most people think that when the market crashes, the money just disappears and leaves the market. However, the reality is that it goes into the hands of someone else.

Jim Hunt was tired of people doubting their own knowledge of how markets worked. So he teamed up with VTA Publications to create an easy to follow, step by step procedure on DVD. The instructions may be simple, but they still hold the hands of anyone who needs help and are available for customer service. Their aim is to educate as many people as possible on how the market works from the start.

Wealth Wave’s power comes from identifying trends in the markets. When the system spots a potential unstable moment, it allows investors to target it and profit when it crashes. History has shown that millionaires get made when this happens, and Jim Hunt thinks that his students can do the same in 2016 and beyond.

VTA Publications

The firm focuses on nonfiction distance learning e-courses. Aside from that, they also act as an agent for speakers at seminars and events in the financial industry. They also organize or cater these events.

The company was created in 2012, and since then thousands of customers all around the world are happy with their service. The secret sauce of VTA Publications is to find the best experts in their field of finance who have done that which they preach. Then they turn the expertise into a digital format such as in articles or courses like Wealth Wave. Jim Hunt is a big believer in service, so they also are available through email or phone calls to help anyone with questions.  Follow Jim on Tumblr for more information about these services.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines Impressed Me So Much

I have to admit that I was not even sure if I would like the velvetines from Lime Crime the first time I saw them, but I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Leslie’s video of her trying them all on. I watched the video with a lot of interest because I did not know if they would be the right colors for me. There are several colors I liked, but I was still impressed with the soft red because of what it represents.

I wanted to be sure that I could try something that I would actually wear, and I admit that I love red lipstick. I have always loved red lipstick, but it is hard to give the right impression with red lipstick when it is too bright. I loved the red from Lime Crime because it was soft enough for me to wear every day without giving everyone the idea that I was dressing up. I made more sense for me to try this red velvetine because it was something that would help me look my best without feeling like I was overdoing it.

The best thing that people can do is to try Lime Crime because it feels good on your lips. I love the matte color of the lipstick, and I enjoy the way that it feels on my lips.

You do not have to use the fire engine red lipstick now that you can shop with Lime Crime. I love my hot red lips, but not all the time. The red velvetines at Lime Crime is just one vegan item, but it is by far my favorite.  Like the Facebook page, or read more about them at the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.