Doug Levitt Explores The Struggles And The Humanity Of The Less Fortunate

There is a stigma towards people who have less. This stigma is based on some stereotypes that are actually far from true. To make things worse, these stereotypes are imposed almost exclusively on the lower class while people of all walks of life fit those stereotypes as well. Then they deny people their basic humanity because they have less. It is as if humanity is earned, and not an innate trait. Fortunately, the less fortunate have an advocate. His name is Doug Levitt. Doug Levitt not only talks to people who are less fortunate, but he also writes their stories and convert them into songs for his book “The Greyhound Diaries”.


Among the things he talks about in his book are not just the struggles, but the emotions they go through. This is often to show that these people have hearts. Often times, they are in less than fortunate situations at the hands of those who have less empathy. Then they are demonized by the public. Doug Levitt has made a commitment to show people that the less fortunate are not the bad ones. They are people who just want to live an honest life and support themselves. While they do maintain an honest type of life, they do find it harder than usual to support themselves because they are faced with more adversity and less support than others.


Doug Levitt has an understanding of the nature of life. People lead different lives and have different things happen to them no matter what they do. A lot of honest and hardworking people are dragged into a mess where the only way to get out of it is to travel. One of the common ways to travel is through Greyhound, and this is where Doug Levitt has met up with all of the people he has gotten stories from.



How Do I Invest In Businesses With Laidlaw & Company?

I decided to invest in businesses when I was trying to build my nest egg, and I have a broker at Laidlaw & Company who knows how to help me invest the way I like. I have chosen lovely businesses to invest in through the company, and they have helped me quite a lot with my choices. This article explains how I get in contact with new businesses to invest in with Laidlaw.


#1: What Does My Broker Do?


My broker was the first to suggest the idea of investing in businesses, and I like the way we are earning from each business. I have chosen businesses I am interested in, and I like the way it feels to help someone who is real. I have been in-touch with the companies I am investing in, and I am offering them something that makes their lives better. I feel a sense of purpose in what I am doing.


#2: The Businesses Are Quite Small


Investing in small businesses helps me do something for the local economy, and I have reached to many companies I felt strongly about. My broker does most of the work, and I have learned how simple it is to earn more in dividends from a company that cares about me as an investor. I do not feel distanced from the company, and I know I may speak with them about the money I have invested.


Every investment I have made in a business through Laidlaw & Company has helped me earn money, and I feel confident about each business I have chosen. These are good people who are looking to earn a living with my help. We are both benefiting, and I am thankful for Laidlaw as they show me how small business investment helps the economy.


Eric Pulier: Unsung Hero

Life can be a bit funny sometimes and a bit weird. Have you ever noticed how entertainers, celebrities, or professional athletes get all of the credit as well as exposure? Have you ever noticed that people who do great things for man-kind always get overlooked? These special beings actually bring solutions to the table, but 90% of them will never become a household name. This is the case with Eric Pulier whom has an extensive resume of success that spans across many different industries. The guy is literally a genius (in-a-sense) as he has used advanced technology to solve issues within many different business sectors. Here’s a little background of the guy who’s said to be a “jack of all trades.”


  • Businessman
  • Founder & Owner of His Very Own Restaurant/Night Club
  • Guest Speaker
  • And many more

Eric Pulier can take the smallest of idea and turn it into a reality. He’s attended two of the most prestigious higher educational facilities in the nation being MIT and Harvard University. His love for the technology field is stronger than most others and he’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into start-up companies whom have gone on to be a success themselves. There just isn’t anything he can’t do. Mr. Pulier has also invested into many Venture Capital Funds such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures just to name a few. How many other individuals have done as much as he has in such a short period of time.

Having such a huge heart for helping others has given him the title of “Philanthropist.” Pulier just has a knack for increasing the moral of people whom are defeated (in-a-sense). In 2010 he was chosen as the top billed nominee at the “U.S. Doctors For Africa” Event in New York City and he’s won a host of other awards similar in nature. He may be not be well known or even a household name, but Eric Pulier is a true American Innovator.

Fabletics gets Customers Excited About Working Out

It has been said that clothes don’t make the man, but women that are working out may argue differently. No woman wants to work out in clothes that are not going to make her look good. After all, the entire purpose of working out is the get in shape and look good. Some women may not be worrying about the looking good part until they have lost the weight that they want to lose. Most women, however, are not going to set one foot in a gym until they have found that perfect outfit that makes them feel good about working out. Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, knows that feeling all too well. Her line of clothes that she has helped create is clearly an indication of her dedication to helping women look good while they are working out.


Kate Hudson is a middle-aged actress that knows the importance of working out. In Hollywood many of the roles in movies are going to a younger generation of actresses. Hudson knows that she has to stay in great shape to be competitive so she has always strives to look her best. Now she is concentrating on helping other women look their best. Fabletics has a line of clothing that is quite impressive. Kate has her own picks of clothes that she thinks are super cute on the Fabletics website. She also has an active wear line that a lot of women love. This is what Fabletics has become. It has become the website that females check out when they want to work out and look good doing it.


Fabletics is opening 100 stores in the next 5 years. This is a huge undertaking for founders Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. This ultimately means that this brand will become more than just an online entity. It will give more customers the chance to find those outfits that make them look their best instantly. This is the reason that so many people are checking out the Fabletics brand. There are clothes for runners and yoga enthusiasts. There are clothes for people that need to do more than workout. This is athleisure wear. People that want to go about their daily tasks and move on to other things will discover that Fabletics is the type of company that has every piece of clothing gear that they could imagine for their workout.



Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler: The Moving Forces Behind JustFab And Fabletics


Businessmen and co-CEOs of TechStyle Group, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, are the dynamic duo behind the successful companies Intelligent Beauty and JustFab. They met in 2001 after Intermix Media bought both Don Ressler’s company,, and Adam Goldenberg’s company, Gamers Alliance. While at Intermix Media Goldenberg and Ressler built Intermix’s marketing arm Alena Media into the company’s most consistent revenue stream which generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the company. When News Corp bought Intermix Media in 2005, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave the company and go into business together.


The first company this talented duo created was the e-commerce brand incubator Intelligent Beauty. The incubator started a number of very successful health and fitness companies. Two of their most successful were DERMSTORE and SENSA. In one year Intelligent Beauty generated about $500 million and the team of Ressler and Goldenberg were on their way. Their next big idea was to create a brand new personalized shopping experience that merged cutting-edge fashion and social interaction that’s fun, engaging and offered great products at an affordable price. That led Don Ressler to create the e-commerce subscription fashion brand JustFab in 2010 after an $85m investment, according to Pando.


Neither Adam Goldenberg nor Don Ressler were fashion experts, so they hired some of the industry’s top design and style teams to help them turn their vision into a reality. One of the most important people they brought on board was fashion expert Kimora Lee Simmons who had built her own Baby Phat line into a billion dollar business. Ressler and Goldenberg hired Simmons as JustFab’s president and creative director. They also brought in experienced businessman Josh Hannah as an investment partner. Together they turned JustFab into an online subscription fashion juggernaut with millions of members worldwide.


In 2013 Goldenberg, Ressler and the JustFab team joined with actress Kate Hudson to create Fabletics, an online subscription retailer offering women’s sportswear and accessories called “athleisure.” The company offers its members personalized outfits based on the previously expressed lifestyle and fashion preferences. The company was an instant hit and soon had millions of members worldwide waiting with baited breath each month for the clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags the company offers.


The spectacular success of JustFab and Fabletics are further proof of the vision and talent of the dynamic duo of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Together they’ve generated billions of dollars in sales and made millions of consumers happy.  The timeline of Don Ressler’s career on CrunchBase is  perfect example of where his career has gone from it’s humble beginnings.


Rona Borre is Causing Ripples in the Human Capital Arena

Rona Borre is the current CEO of Instant Alliance. She is skilled in management, leadership, temporary placement, and temporary recruitment. Borre is a graduate with a degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. For over two decades, Borre has held various executive positions in different companies. Borre began her career in 1995 as a team accountant. A year later, she got a high profile job at Sapphire Technologies to serve in the capacity of the senior accountant executive. In 2001, she was appointed the CEO of Instant Technology, LLC In 2014, Borre was promoted to head the finance department in Chicago. The same year, Borre was called upon to serve as the CEO of the company.

Rona Borre was appointed the CEO of Instant Technology, LLC.
Rona Borre was appointed the CEO of Instant Technology, LLC.


Borre’s memberships and achievements

Borre is a member of various organizations such as the Young Presidents associations, Economic Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Network. Borre has been recognized for her hard work and resilience by various organizations including Enterprising Women Magazine and the Business Ledger. She has also been featured by various media houses such as CNN, CNBC, Crain’s Chicago, and USA Today. Borre is also a motivational speaker and has been empowering women in conferences like EQuest Global Group Empowering Excellence and TechWeek SPARK Women-Funding Basics.


Rona Borre’s role at Instant Alliance

Instant Alliance is a private firm that specializes in providing staffing solutions, human capital solutions, executive search, ERP solutions, consulting services, and workforce assessments. The company was established in 2014 and has over 50 employees. Borre has been heading the company and managing its activities since its inception.

Philanthropy Meets Entrepreneurship With Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and technologist located in Los Angeles, CA. He has founded over fifteen companies and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for these ventures. Some of his major accomplishments include The Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, US Interactive, and Digital Evolution. In terms of charitable organizations, he supports eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. By combining skills in both media and technology,Eric Pulier has made significant advances in these fields due to his experience and research. Colleagues praise his hard work ethic and willingness to take risks that jeopardize his own welfare for others. In interviews on various radio stations, he has urged the public to appreciate the battles that the less fortunate are fighting daily. Today, he serves on the board of The Painted Turtle and the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation. Pulier wants to make entrepreneurship easily accessible for aspiring investors and therefore funds many youth organizations that delve into economics.


During Pulier’s time at Harvard University, he studied English & American Literature, Visual & Environmental Studies, and Computer Science. He authored the Pulier Leg, a segment for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. To this day, he enjoys writing and spreading unconventional ideas in order to broaden horizons. With knowledge of such a broad range of disciplines, he has been able to apply these techniques to his only company and make unrivaled progress in philanthropy. Pulier was chosen to build the bridge for the 21st century that commemorated the second inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. As the primary representative for many entrepreneurs, he speaks highly of the industry in order to secure more government funding. Considering that much of his proceeds go to children mental hospitals and clean water for families across the globe, his mission is incredible and deserves support. By using a multimedia educational program to care for children with Multiple Sclerosis, Pulier has raised awareness for the issue. As previously mentioned, he works on joint endeavors with The Painted Turtle to set up a summer camp for individuals with chronic illnesses.

The Business Operations of the AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors, LLC is an agency that deals with the retail distribution of the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company’s products. The company is based in New York City and is one of the top financial protection organizations. It is also among the country’s best providers of life insurance and allowance solutions. AXA Advisors has developed a network of more than 6,000 finance experts who offer excellent plans and products for coverage, asset allocation, investments, retirement, college, estate planning, and business to facilitate clients as they deal with their financial needs. AXA Equitable is one of the branches of the AXA Financial Inc. which is also under AXA Group. The group is an internationals corporation that deals with wealth management and financial coverage policies.

Vincent Parascandola is the AXA Advisor’s Senior Executive Vice President. His roles in the enterprise include management establishment, productivity, retentions, recruiting, sales, as well as training new and existing financial experts. Mr. Parascandola has served the industry for more than 25 years. He kicked off his career in 1987 by working as an agent of the Prudential. The company named him as the National Rookie of the year. In 1990, Vincent moved to the MONY Life Insurance Company and was offered various local and regional field administration roles. He was then hired by the AXA Advisor in 2004. Mr. Parascandola worked as the president of one of the AXA Equitable’s units, which is known as The Advantage Group. The role of the subsidiary was to draw seasoned financial experts. He was also a co-manager at the New York Metro Branch of the firm, which was served by more than 400 finance experts.

Mr. Parascandola is an outstanding leader, and he has been honored with various management awards. They include the Master Agency Awards and the GAMA’s Career Development. He is a speaker who is a highly sought after and has been invited to offer speeches at conferences such as the distribution conference of LIMRA and the national LAMP Meeting that was hosted by GAMA. He is one of GAMA’s members and is also a former chairperson of the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee.

Benefit of Hiring A Lawyer for Your Business

If you are a business person or professional, it is a good idea to hire a reputable and reliable lawyer. A skilled lawyer can advice and guide you properly, and ensure that you understand the complex rules associated with business partnerships, negotiations and much more.

For many people, hiring and working with an attorney can be an intimidating process but it doesn’t have to be. There are several resources for finding reliable lawyers for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. Hiring a lawyer in Brazil or any other place requires thorough research, because not all lawyers provide the same type of service. You want to be sure you choose a lawyer that has expertise in the types of issue you’re dealing with.

There are several benefits to hiring a lawyer for your business. Even if you don’t have any legal problems at this time, it is advisable to have a good lawyer on your side as you start, or operate, your business. Business lawyers are knowledgeable about various issues that affect businesses and corporations, and they can help you move your business. A good lawyer will provide advice and guidance to support your business efforts, help minimize risks, protect your intellectual property and financial resources, and ultimately save you money down the line.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned lawyer in Brazil. He focuses on business and corporate litigation, and has a proven track record. He owns and runs one of the most prominent law firms in Brazil and he personally mentored his staff and associates. Ricardo Tosto is profoundly dedicated to his work and goes out of his way to service his clients.

For transactional work, Mr Ricardo Tosto has a good rapport with his clients, providing them with advice on strategic considerations.  If litigation is necessary, Ricardo Tosto is experienced and has great expertise in developing and executing effective litigation strategy.


Equities First: Cheaper and Better Lending

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a global private equity company that offers non-purpose shareholder funding and other corporate financial solutions. The firm provides non-recourse loaning option at friendly terms and uses publicly traded securities and stocks as collateral.

The company was founded in 2002 and has helped clients around the globe to get the capital they need since then. To date, the company has handled more than 700 transactions and has conducted more than 1.4 billion dollars in the process. Some of EFH clients include directors of businesses that trade publicly, individuals of high net worth, asset management organizations, and global financial service firms. The company has offices in Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, The United States, Australia and Hong Kong.

In today’s economic climate, it ‘s tough for business startups to secure funding to either create or expand their businesses. The most common sources of financing for such enterprises are personal savings, credit cards, microloans, retirement benefits and funds from family and friends. However, Equities First Holding is giving entrepreneurs a reason to smile with the introduction of stock loans.

This money is loaned out to millions of entrepreneurs who would otherwise be unable to receive bank loans due to poor credit or low income. The high risk assumed by lenders leads to high-interest rates with the average microloan interest rate reaching as high as 35 percent annually. This is where EFH comes in.

Stock loans provide an alternative with significantly lower interest rates. It uses equities as collateral for a specified period, usually three years after which the individual retains all his stock at maturity. Perhaps the best thing about sock loans is that it is not necessary for the recipient to sell their shares.

The average rates on stock loans range from 3 percent to 7 percent compared to 30percent for micro-loans. The difference between the two is mind blowing. For individuals with securities to serve as collateral, stock loans are a more attractive package.