Employers Complain About Employees Who Use Marijuana

Marijuana has become a popular topics in the American public in recent years, with 23 states now having passed legislation in support of legalization. These recent changes in legislation have been causing significant issues in the workplace with regards to drug testing employees. Positive drug tests have been on a steady incline for over 10 years in America’s workforce, the first time this increase has happened in over a decade.

The issue arises because employers can lawfully discriminate for any kind of drug use, even though the employees are legally allowed to use marijuana in their time away from work, resulting in a positive drug test. So, while employees may not be under the influence while at work, they can still be penalized or terminated for using marijuana outside the work place. That does not exactly seem fair to Jason.

There have been several legal cases involving employees who try to sue their company for wrongful termination, though this has rarely been effective. In most cases, the courts rule in favor of the company because there is no legal requirement for these organizations to accommodate those who use marijuana, either for medical or recreational purposes.

Clearly, both the American workforce and legal system have a lot of kinks to work out as the laws on marijuana keep changing. As of right now, even if you lose marijuana legally and outside of the work place, you can still lose your job if your boss finds out.

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Study Determines There Is No Link Between Autism And The MMR Vaccine

A few years ago you couldn’t go anywhere or look online without seeing some sort of discussion regarding autism and the link to vaccinations; specifically the MMR vaccine. This came as a result of a controversial study published by gastroenterologist, Andrew Wakefield who claimed there was indeed a link and that the MMR vaccine was to blame. Many parents decided not to vaccinate their children or to opt out of the MMR vaccine because of these speculations. We have seen an increase in measles cases this past year largely due to the unvaccinated population.

A recent research study was published that centers around 95,000 children and concludes that there is no visible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The children who were at the highest risk of developing autism were those who had an older sibling or relative that had autism. This was unrelated to vaccinations and actually suggests that perhaps genetics is to blame. Even high risk children didn’t seem to pose any proof that the MMR vaccine was an issue and neither was the booster that is commonly administered at the age of five years old.

Many parents still stand true to the belief that there is not enough evidence to make them feel comfortable with vaccinating. Many parents did have an issue with the MMR vaccine because of the controversial autism link but there are also parents who are choosing not to vaccinate for other reasons. In addition to religious exemptions, many parents are uncomfortable with the chemical ingredients found in the shots as well as the combination shots that put a lot of strain on a young child’s immune system. Brian is going to continue to monitor the situation before making decisions in the future.

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U.S. Student Loans Pass a Whopping 1.2 Trillion Dollars

Kyle Craig is a student whose only goal is to graduate from school. However, as an undergraduate student, he is already awash in debt. “I’ve got a ton of student loans, just like everyone else I know,” said Craig. “It will probably be more than $30,000 by the time I leave here.”

Craig is one of the 41 million people in the U.S. who has a huge amount of student debt, according to CNN. Furthermore, loans have actually increased by over 80% since the “Great Recession” of 2008, according to a report by Experian.

In total, the analysis by the firm found that an incredible $1.2 trillion is keeping students under water in restricting debt.

Of the students that have loans, according to Experian, almost 40% of them are in deferment (totalling $417 billion) and the other 60% are repaying their loans. The average payment per customer hovers around $270 a month when you check Reuters.com, a hefty sum for anyone to shell out when other bills are due. Ray Lane is glad that his finances are much more manageable.

However, there seems to be some positive news from the study done by Experian. Apparently, adults between the age range of 18 and 34 have an average credit rating that is 20 points higher than their non-college educated peers. This means that they would have time to build credit before making larger purchases such as homes and family cars. Still, it appears the loan problem isn’t going away soon.

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Dad Paints Nails to Raise Awareness

What does a parent do when they want to raise awareness for the issue that their child is dealing with? What does a parent do when they want to get people involved in the fight for a cure and for treatment for their child? What does that parent do when they are affected by the same issue that their child is facing? It all depends on the parent, but there are some who will do something big and really make a difference.

Brian Batey is a dad from Louisiana who wants to help raise autism awareness. This man stood up for his child in a way that is bold, and he is encouraging others like Bruce Karatz to do the same. Mr. Batey painted his fingernails blue in an effort to spread the word about autism and raise awareness of this issue. This man is an engineer, a tough man who does a great job as a father, and he was willing to do whatever it took to raise attention and awareness in honor of his son.

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Billionaire George Soros Is Ready To Invest $ 1 Billion In Ukraine

US billionaire George Soros said on Monday that he was ready to invest a billion dollars in Ukraine if Western countries commit to financially help the country. “EU must defend Ukraine against Russian aggression,” said George Soros. “The development of Ukraine would weaken the Russian President Vladimir Putin,” he said in an interview published by the Austrian Daily Der Standard that Dan Newlin read through.

He emphasized the need for funding 50 billion euros particularly in “agriculture” and “infrastructure projects”. “This must generate a profit,” that would benefit his foundation, and not to him personally. “The West can assist Ukraine in improving its attractiveness to investors,” insists George Soros, “This could take the form of mezzanine financing to European interest rates very close to zero.”

It is worth mentioning that Ukraine is on the verge of bankruptcy. Its public debt is expected to reach 94% of GDP in 2015, under the combined effects of a deep economic recession, a record devaluation, and conflict in the industrial area in East by rebels getting support from Russia. It is noteworthy that an analytical note of the Ukrainian investment group ICU provides a return to growth in 2017, and a decrease of 7.6% of GDP this year.

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Drake Is Doing Well With His New Mix Tape

Drake had promised that Spring 2015 would be his, and instead of waiting until spring, he jumped into the new year with a new mix tape. Although the artist has made a mix tape before, this one has proven to be a diamond, and it will be making the artist a pretty penny. Drake is well known for being a rapper that became famous, without having an album out. Drake. The artist had many hits in rotation, and he had no album to speak of. Drake continues to make great music and win awards.

This past Thursday, Drake released his mix tape, which has proven to be very popular. The mix tape was not available on Spotify, until the next day, but it did not stop the progress of the project, even with top level lawyers investigating. There were 500,000 mix tapes sold, not including the streaming of the mix tape. If the projected numbers are correct, then Drake has debuted at number one, since the release of Taylor Swift’s album last year. Since the album went onto Spotify, there were 17.3 million streams in only three days.

The amount of streams of Drake’s mix tape on Spotify, beat out his previous mix tape, which had 15.8 million streams. On Saturday, there were 6.8 million streams of Drake’s mix tape, which is a record for Spotify. Needless to say, Drake is good at what he does, and he may become rich off this mix tape.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich and the push for Plastic Surgery


While Dr. Rod J. Rohrich may not be a house hold name in the United States, he is certainly one of the most important names in the field of plastic surgeon. Dr. Rohrich has been practicing since graduating with his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. Afterwards he would go on to the University of Michigan to perform many pediatric plastic surgeries. These early life learning experiences would prime him up for an explosive and important run as one of the most precise plastic surgeons in the world. In short, Dr. Rohrich was getting ready to change the medical world.

Since his rapid ascent up the chain of notable plastic surgeons, Dr. Rod Rohrich has continued to accrue clout from all of those involved in the medical field. While simultaneously pleasing clients, Dr. Rod Rohrich found time to take on the role of Chairman at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rod Rohrich was busy but not too busy to keep abreast of big issues. In fact, with his new position he managed to stay even more plugged into the world that he helped craft than usual. Rohrich would go on to make some significant and important contributions to the field of pediatric surgery. His post as editor in chief of ‘Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery’ served as another outpost that he could use to help people all over the world. With these two positions under his belt, along with decades of work with the knife, Dr. Rod Rohrich was set to become a leading voice in the industry.

To date Dr. Rod Rohrich has sat in on over 100 national and international symposiums as well as delivered over 900 different scientific presentations in regards to plastic surgery. He is either the head or coauthor on over 300 publications to go along with 30 textbooks chapters and 4 complete textbooks. To be blunt, Dr. Rod Rohrich has been busy and his busy is on a whole different level than the rest of the world. Particular areas of note that Dr. Rohrich has played a prat in developing include nasal anatomy, liposuction, breast surgery and facial fracture repair.

If you’ve labored under the impression that plastic surgery is an aesthetic procedure for vain people you need only look at his body of work to see otherwise. Plastic surgery can form the backbone of a rehabilitating process for those that suffer from physical pain as well as emotional trauma.

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Igor Corenelsen’s Basic Tips on Brazillian Banking

Under President Dilma Rousesef’s ruling, Brazil suffered a problematic ecomony at the end of 2014. The only exception was Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco,Brazil’s two largest banks. Igor Corenelsen knows the answer to these banks successes is knowing how the market works and how to deal with troubled times. Igor Corenelsen headed the Bainbridge Investment Company in the Bahamas. He retired from his position as a banker. When he isn’t golfing in South Florida, he is a banking consultant, as a hobby. Before he retired in 2010 ,he served in plenty of high positions in the top rung of Brazil’s banking businesses.
Investment Suggestions
Corenelsen suggests investing in a Brazilian bank. Brazil is a leading food producer in the entire world. It’s also the biggest country in South America. Brazil is the 8th largest of the world economies. It was in the country of Brazil where Corenelsen got his reputation for being a successful investor and a top banker. Private sector Brazillian banks, such as Itau Unibanco, only lend money to people with excellent credit. Those who don’t have excellent credit have to go to public sector banks. One of his suggestions is to steer away from damaged companies and invest in damaged stocks that will pay off big in the long run. Corenelsen particularly pointed out Itau because in 7 years the bank has had significant growth since it merged with Unibanco. Corenelsen believes people need to change their view of the stock market and be prepared to make a lot of smaller investments because that will pay off better than looking for the big ones. He also thinks that it’s a bad idea investing in one big stock and expecting a big payoff in a short amount of time. Mr. Corenelson believes that with many small investments a person can increase the chance that they will have fewer losses in the long run.
China Investments
Another country to consider investing in is China. A strong economy in China means raw materials in Brazil have a stronger value.
Igor Cornelsen credits his success to committing himself to playing the markets on a long term basis. Cornelsen, over the years, committed to playing this for many decades in order to make a profit that would pay off substantially in the long run. Igor Cornelsen says he’s in this investment game for life.

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Atlanta or Golden State


This has been a very strange year in the National Basketball Association. I would be willing to bet there is not a single person in the country that correctly projected the correct standings as they sit in both the Western and Eastern Conference at the midpoint of the season. Both The Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks were good teams last year, but no one could have anticipated that they would be sitting at five and seven games about the second spot in their respective conferences, but that is the situation that we find ourselves in with less than half the season to go. It is pretty astonishing when you consider just how good these teams have gotten and just how long the streaks have been going for. They seriously put their foot on the gas pedal and have not let up and don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. If a single team was doing this, there would be hands down the best team in basketball, but this type of dominance from two teams in separate conferences is pretty unprecedented. There is a ton of speculation as to who is the better team and Slow Ventures has stated the Power Rankings are consistently divided each and every week. No one can officially decide who the better team is because they just won’t lose, but it will be a good indicator when they finally meet each other in the regular season on February 6.
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Marc Sparks Entrepreneur and Prime Mover

Marc Sparks is all about Feng Shui when it comes to starting up a new business. He is the owner, founder, and CEO of the entrepreneur company Timber Lake Capital, LP. Making dreams come true and new businesses grow and shrive is his passion. Marc believes not skimping on location can mean the difference between success and failure of a new fledgling company. With 35 years of experience, Marc knows how profit and deficit can run neck and neck, and it takes stamina and passion to get to the correct finish line.

Marc Sparks was featured in PR Newswire on January 22, 2015. He has moved his ground breaking start up company into a new facility that can accommodate three different businesses the right birthing environment to achieve long lasting maturation with “spark speed” to get them going. With 35 years of experience as a sequent entrepreneur, Marc has helped many new companies achieve prosperity. As well as being a successful business owner himself and author of the book, They Can’t Eat You. He has worked for Habitat for Humanity building affordable homes for families in need and heads his own Sparky’s Kids, which donates computers to high risk children through the American Can Academy.

In his new Dallas, Texas location, Marc Sparks is spreading his Feng Shui by his own fertile talents from commencement to consummation, it’s his passion.

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