Marc Sparks Entrepreneur and Prime Mover

Marc Sparks is all about Feng Shui when it comes to starting up a new business. He is the owner, founder, and CEO of the entrepreneur company Timber Lake Capital, LP. Making dreams come true and new businesses grow and shrive is his passion. Marc believes not skimping on location can mean the difference between success and failure of a new fledgling company. With 35 years of experience, Marc knows how profit and deficit can run neck and neck, and it takes stamina and passion to get to the correct finish line.

Marc Sparks was featured in PR Newswire on January 22, 2015. He has moved his ground breaking start up company into a new facility that can accommodate three different businesses the right birthing environment to achieve long lasting maturation with “spark speed” to get them going. With 35 years of experience as a sequent entrepreneur, Marc has helped many new companies achieve prosperity. As well as being a successful business owner himself and author of the book, They Can’t Eat You. He has worked for Habitat for Humanity building affordable homes for families in need and heads his own Sparky’s Kids, which donates computers to high risk children through the American Can Academy.

In his new Dallas, Texas location, Marc Sparks is spreading his Feng Shui by his own fertile talents from commencement to consummation, it’s his passion.

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Best Moments of Jonathan Veitch at Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch might be an LA native but his stint at Occidental College has been full of amazing surprises, and he has cherished all of them. The Oxy President started off in 2009 during a turbulent phase in Oxy. Presidents were coming and going, and the stability of the college was in jeopardy. However, since Jonathan Veitch took over, things have been a lot better for both Oxy and its students. Here are some of Jonathan Veitch’s favorite moments as President of Occidental College –

• Eric Schlosser’s Honorary Degree – ‘Fast Food Nation’ was a book that gripped everyone who read it. Schlosser has also come up with other gems like Chew on This and Reefer Madness. Oxy hosted an event in 2011 during which Schlosser was awarded with an honorary degree. He also received a standing ovation from the crowd.

• 125th Anniversary Convocation – The class of 2015’s convocation was already a special affair but it was made even better by the fact that Oxy was celebrating 125 years of excellence that year. Under the leadership of Jonathan Veitch, the college has come a long way but still, this remains one of the best moments for its President.

• Jeanne-Claude and Christo – In 2011, Oxy honored Jeanne Claude and Christo, artists who have wowed the world. Public art has definitely been redefined by the pair, especially the democratic possibilities of it. Even outdoor temporary artworks have never been the same as before since the duo took over. It comes as no surprise that this features in Jonathan Veitch’s best Oxy moment.

• Harry Gray’s Convocation – Harry Gray is the famous chemist from Caltech who kicked off the 126th year at Oxy with an honorary degree. Small molecules’ electronic structure has been studied in detail by him and he has performed revolutionary work in his field. A particularly great part of the day was Gray’s speech, during which he called Oxy the planet’s best college and did wonders to the morale of the 2016 class.

• Berkus Hall – Finally, Oxy’s best and most adored dorm was dedicated to David Berkus and the Berkus family for their donation of $5 million. Not only is David Berkus aware about every little detail regarding the working of the college, his generous gift helped the facility and the students immensely.

The Kemp scholar lecture, solar array dedication, honorary degree of Robert Winter and dedication of McKinnon Center were some other great moments of Jonathan Veitch.

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Mark Ahn Makes Waves In The Life Sciences

Mark Ahn is the principal partner at Pukana Partners, and his company works with other life science companies to provide consultancy where it is needed. However, Dr. Ahn’s work does not end with his work with his own firm. Dr. Ahn is also a professor at Stanford University and Carnegie-Mellon Univeristy. He is an educator who believes in giving his students life experiences that they would not get anywhere else.

When Dr. Ahn works in the field, he works with life science and biotech startups that are working to become solvent. He has done research on what makes these companies tick, and he has completed many studies on how successful companies manage themselves. This research has led to many publications speaking with Dr. Ahn about the work that he has done in the field.

When he is in the classroom, Dr. Ahn is working with his students to give them the kind of information that they will not find in a standard business or science class. Dr. Ahn wants his students to be able to go out and start their own companies, but he also wants them to understand how companies work if his students take jobs with larger firms.

This knowledge moves on to consultancy where Dr. Ahn has worked with some of the biggest biotech companies in the world. He shows them how they can make their products and services more viable, and he does work that other people simply cannot.

Dr. Ahn is a dedicated educator who hopes to educate his students, clients and the public about the matters of the biotech industry. He knows that this industry can be confusing, but he works with everyone he meets to give them a better understanding of the world where he works and the companies that inhabit that world.

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North American Spine Pioneers Brand New Medical Techniques

Back and spine problems are the number one reason why people call out of work. This is very significant, because the majority of people today work a regular 40 hour a week job. If so many people are calling out of work, it proves the back pain epidemic is bad. There at North American Spine, They can assist those who have chronic back pain, or if you’ve been suffering from back pain, only recently. There are many different reasons why people suffer from back pain, and it can be temporary, or it can go on for a long period of time, becoming chronic.

There are different locations in the back where you may have pain, but the lower back is usually the most common place, where patients may suffer from back pain. Sometimes the back pain goes from your lower back, and radiates through your legs, causing even more pain, and making it less likely for you to do daily tasks. If this goes on for a long period of time, the back pain can then become worse, or become crippling. It’s never wise to try and wait out serious back pain, because there is no telling how bad it can really get.

You should see a doctor as soon as possible, in order to get a diagnosis, and determine if you need surgery. If you do need surgery on your back to correct the problems, They here at North American Spine, can do minimally invasive surgery on your back. A surgery that They perform has been featured on the show “Doctors,” and is a highly recommended surgery. The AccuraScope Procedure is a surgery that requires a small incision, in order to get to the root of your back problem, and treat it effectively. There is a 82% success rate with this procedure.

Many patients would recommend this procedure to others, in fact, They have a 96% recommendation rate of this procedure, to others. You can also look forward to saving up to $23,000 in future medication costs, over the course of five years, if you get this procedure done. With all the benefits that you can gain from this procedure, there should be no reason to wait, make your appointment as soon as possible. Back pain will be suffered from most people at one point, or another in their lives, no matter what age they are. The elderly tend to have a higher rate of back problems.

It’s possible that as you get older, your back will become worse, and you will begin to feel the most pain, in your elderly years. No matter what age you are, back pain can be devastating to your lifestyle, and can possibly keep you in bed on a regular basis. Even if you don’t currently work a regular 9-5 job, no one wants to be in bed all day with back pain. It’s time to take your life back, visit North American Spine in Dallas, Texas today, to begin treating your back problems.

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The Reanimator of Musicians Past: John Textor

What do Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, and Michael Jackson have in common? Lets see, all three were musical performers that are now deceased. The question is, are they really dead? For many years there have been so called ‘Elvis sightings’ everywhere, but he passed in 1977. Although they too have died, Tupak Shakur and Michael Jackson did live performances after death. Is Elvis next?

John Textor may have the answer. He is responsible for bringing both Tupak and Michael back to life –so to speak. Ever hear of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Well, Mr. Textor played an intricate part in the making of the film. We all age, but Benjamin Button got to a point when he stopped aging, and instead decreased in age. People were in awe. Digital Domain became the first visual effects company to create a digital human actor in a movie. The movie won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 2009.

Maybe Frank Sinatra?

Along with director, Michael Bay and legendary quarterback, Dan Marino, he purchased “Digital Domain.” He was the Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group from 2009- 2012. During his time with Digital, John Textor decided to bring Tupac Shakur back to life as a ‘completely lifelike digital human’ with the Tupac at Coachella performance. Many came away from that experience believing Shakur was still alive.

Whitney Houston?

This was not the beginning for John Texor, though. Texor was a former competitive skateboarder in Flo0rida in his early days. He was so good at it that he eventually became Chairman of “Sim Snowboards,” a popular snowboard brand. After earning an economics degree from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, he later started his own investment company, “Wyndcrest” in 1997. He would later take the company to the business side of entertainment.

On May 18, 2014, John Textor and his new Florida based company, Pulse Evolution brought the ‘King of Pop,’ Michael Jackson back to life at the Billboards Music Awards. The success of that digital performance brought tears to the eyes of some that knew Michael. Once seeing that reaction, John Textor was quoted as saying, “..we knew we’d done something. Then we started crying.”

Now, when will we be seeing Elvis in digital magic, John Textor? There are so many Elvis fans that would relish such a possibility, especially since they think he is still alive anyway.

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Your Three Best Bets For Investing In Brazil From Igor Cornelsen

I caught this on CNBC yesterday and since I know plenty of people reading this blog dabble in the stock market, I figured this was worth sharing.

When you are planning on investing in Brazil, you need to follow the tips lgor Cornelsen has put out there for every new South American investor. You will be able to make more gains when you invest in South American markets if you have prepared in the right way. These tips are meant to benefit everyone from the advanced investor to the person who is looking to make their first investment in the continent.

Meet The Locals

You need to meet all the locals you can when you are planning on investing in Brazil, says Cornelsen. The locals know the state of the economy, and they are far more connected with the markets and commodities in the country. You must remember that the locals can give you far more information than you can get on your own.

Get Ready For Paperwork

When you are investing in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen feels you need to make sure you are ready to fill out stacks of paperwork. There are regulations that you must follow when you are investing in Brazil, and you might need to work through a couple government agencies before you can trade freely in the country. This paperwork is vital, and you could lose your trading privileges if you do not follow the rules closely.

Know Your Currencies

When you are trading across borders and oceans, you need to know the exchange rates and currency rules for the countries where you are working. These rules show you how much a dollar is worth in Brazil, and you must understand how that currency traded. The exchange rates are constantly changing, and you must make sure that you are happy with the exchange you are getting at the exact moment that you make your trade.

You can follow each of these steps to successfully trade in Brazil.

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Joe Cocker Passes Away

Musician Joe Cocker has passed away on Monday, December 22nd. After fighting a long battle with lung cancer, Cocker finally lost. He passed in Crawford, Colorado.

Born in the United Kingdom, Joe Cocker became a household name during the 1960’s. While he has a large discography, Cocker is most well known for his cover songs. His most memorable are those of the Beatles. His cover of their hit With a Little Help from My Friends not only hit the top five that year, but became the theme song for the hugely popular television series The Wonder Years.

Dr. Daniel Amen says aside from his many solo acomplishments, Cocker is also known for his work with the 30 piece ensamble band Mad Dogs & Englishmen. While originally only formed to fulfill contractual obligations, Mad Dogs was widely appreciated by both fans and critics of the time.

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Great Albums that Were Missed by the Masses

Rolling Stone compiled it a list of albums that the masses missed out on. These were good albums, but everyone did not get exposed to these discs. Now MTV has put together 23 albums that the staff thought should have gone platinum.

Taylor Swift released an album at the end of the year. Before her album surfaced nothing else had went platinum. That means that fans were not evening buying mainstream music. That is why it would have been incredibly difficult for lesser known artists like Banks and FKA Twigs to get platinum records under their belt.

While newcomers like Sam Smith were enjoying tremendous success others like Banks were adjusting to the shadows that these mainstream artists cast. Banks released a remarkable self-titled debut album. FKA Twigs also made a big album. Rolling Stone even said that it was the best album of 2014.

Sam Smith was big in 2014, but there was another Sam (last name Hunt) that released a great album called “Montevallo” that did not receive the praise that it should have received. J.Cole has a hot album that has received a lot of praise, but it probably will not go platinum before the end of the year. The album has debuted at number one so it will certainly go platinum in 2015. Jessie Ware and Clean Bandit also brought forth albums that did not make it to the masses. Leave it to Dan Newlin to always keep me updated on the best in underground.

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Famous Musicians Band Together to Raise Money for Late Friend’s Mother

Members of two rock bands have banned together to help the mother of a late friend. Toni Wood, the mother ofMother Love Bone singer, Andrew Wood, has been living in unsafe conditions, and now Pearl Jame is hoping to raise enough money to put her up in better accommodations. 

Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament have contributed 40,000 to the cause, and kick started a GoFundMe page aimed at getting enough money together to find Wood more suitable housing. John Textor has already donated. They have raised almost $36,000 from donors across the country, and are hoping to meet their $50,000 within a few weeks. 

Andrew Wood passed away from a heroin overdose nearly 25 years ago. Toni Wood is also paying for another son’s cancer treatments. She is on a fixed income, and was making due in a trailer on a Washington Island, until the friends of her late son heard of her plight. 

Along with donating money, the three men will also help Wood dispose of her old home, and set up a new one. The additional funds will go towards furnishings, and other necessities as the 72-year-old mother and private caregiver moves forward.

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Can Waste Trash be turned to edible Human Food

The most interesting news regarding plastic waster is here. You won’t find it on Wikipedia as pointed out by Bruce Levenson.
The recent article appearing on Digital Journal reported a group of Yale students on research trip to the Amazon, found a fungi-type that happily fed on plastic waste, degenerating it.

This fungi is not being used in another research to decompose and transform plastic waste to human edible food. Material, that is organic and edible, with differing tastes. An Australian company, Livin has built a incubator, where the fungi strains are observed as they breakdown sample plastic trash.
The fact that this fungi, breaks down, toxic plastic material, digest it, and transform its waste into an organic material, edible by humans, means; There is a possibility, that, the research can be applied into industrial recycling plant. This quick easily transform the filthy beaches filled with plastic into clean , white sandy beaches. The possibilities are exciting and unbelievable.

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