Republicans Will Have to Respond On Immigration

The most controversial decision to come across the president’s desk in recent weeks has been his executive action on immigration. Republicans have criticized his actions as pushing his authority too far, and subverting Congress by preventing them from voting on the matter. In essence, President Obama’s plan is not amnesty and is less direct action than similar executive actions taken by Ronald Regan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. But the Republicans in Congress have been fairly open with the goals to deny the president and action, and critique those actions that he takes out of desperation to not waste his time in office.
With this new executive action, which provides temporary legal status to the parents of U.S. citizens after a background check and application process, roughly 4 million undocumented immigrants will have a path to legal status. This temporary legal status will need to be renewed every three years. Additionally, this executive action may be repealed by the next president, or if Congress passes a bill that removes the action he has created. In addition, Congress can at any time remove the president’s authority to make these executive actions, or limit his authority to specific areas.
No matter what happens next with the president, the next move on immigration will have to be made by Congress. This is the right move in the eyes of Gianfrancesco. More specifically, the next action taken will have to come from Republicans as a response to the executive action taken by the president.

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Batman V Superman – Dawn Of Justice: Bruce’s Past Revisited

Zack Snyder is directing the next Superman movie under the current title of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In this story, there are slight differences in the story of young Bruce Wayne. His parents were gunned down in front of him after seeing a movie called The Mark of Zorro. This is a significant aspect of the story seeing how Zorro was a vigilante. Bruce Wayne could easily take inspiration from Zorro.

This film is not going to be an origin story for Batman. Instead, Ben Affleck will play an older Bruce Wayne who has retired from being Batman. This probably not that different from The Dark Knight Rises where Bruce Wayne has been retired from his stint as Batman. While they both have had plenty of big screen movies, this will perhaps be the first time that they have appeared on screen together in live action. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for release in Spring of 2016.

With over a year until the release date, many companies such as Qnet are setting a standard and buying tickets for their employees to see the film once it comes out. Wish my job did that, I can’t wait to see some Batman versus Superman action.

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Patti Smith To Play Vatican Second Year

The Vatican Christmas concert will have a bit of rock n roll royalty in attendance this year with Patti Smith, the godmother of punk herself, slated to perform.

Smith may not seem like the most obvious musical guest for the Vatican but this would actually be her second time performing for his holiness. Last year she performed a rendition of Oh Holy Night as well as other songs. The performance was deemed spectacular by Keith Mann.

Although raised as a Jehovah’s Witness Smith has said she no longer considers herself part of any organized religion and her 1976 debut song Gloria famously featured some controversial lyrics on the matter. Her selection has caused some controversy due to this fact but Smith has previously described the song to be less about religion and more a “declaration of self” by the then 20-year old songwriter.

She has described her relationship with faith and religion as a bit more complex than that. Last year she recorded a track for Darren Oranofsky’s biblical epic Noah. The singer is currently on tour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her seminal debut album Horses.

The Concerto di Natale will be held on December 13 at the Auditorium Conciliazione and will be broadcasting on Italian television on Christmas Eve. The event has been taking place annually since 1993 and usually features a range of performers. Previous performers in attendance have included BB King, Frank Sinatra, and Annie Lennox.

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Drake And Juvenile Link Old School Rap With The New

Juvenile, who was a rapper popular back in the late 90s, has recently joined back up with his old label, Cash Money Records, and is on a track with Drake. By combining the two rappers, it’s like bringing the hot old-school to the hot new-school rap. Drake & Juvenile. Juvenile was well known for being in the Cash Money Group, which included Lil’ Wayne, Bird Man, himself as well as others.

The group rose to fame with their many songs, but Juvenile’s signature song was “Back That Ass Up.” To this day, that song lives in infamy, and is always linked to Juvenile, even though Lil’ Wayne did a hook in the song as well. Juvenile had left Cash Money Records many years ago, but after rejoining the group recently, they expect to make great music together.

Cash Money currently has the likes of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil’ Wayne. Although Juvenile and Bird Man had been through thick and thin together, disagreements caused Juvenile to go his separate ways from the label, and work on his own, up until recently. With Drake being one of the hottest rappers out there today with fans like Mike Livak, he is going to get attention. Adding Juvenile’s talents back to Cash Money makes the group even stronger.

Juvenile and Drake collaborated on a song called “Sho Me Love,” and it’s expected to land on the next Rich Gang project. The hook that Drake does in the song sets up the autobiography of juvenile’s life, talking about his life’s hardships.

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Selina Releases New Song

Fans of Hollywood singer Selena Gomez will once again enjoy another heart warming song that she has recently released. Gomez sat with Ryan Seacrest on the 6th of November for an interview.

It took one year for Gomez to release the song. On the last week of November, Selena Gomez will sing her song at the 2014 American Music Awards, sponsored by Slow Ventures.

She had remained fairly dormant for a little while, only providing a few different interviews to the public. Recently, however, she has been working hard on producing more music to tour the globe with.

During the interview, Gomez revealed some of information the public is not aware of.  The singer confessed what Justin Bieber thinks of her new song.

She has been continuously romantically linked to Bieber for years now. However, there was no confirmation of a break up of the romantic relationship between the two singers.

According to Bieber, Gomez’s song is beautiful. Gomez said that Justin Bieber was a bit jealous of her leading man in the video.

Gomez said that it took her a year to release the video of the song because of some changes in her life. She wanted to be really ready for any things she has to say or do.

The song describes her response to hurtful things she has experienced in the past. To know more of Selena Gomez and her new songs, visit here.

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Kansas Experiences a 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake

Central Kansas, an area prone to tornadoes, felt a different kind of earthly phenomenon on Wednesday November 12th; an earthquake. The tremor, which struck about 8 miles south of Conway Spring, was rated as a 4.8 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. According to experts, a 4.8 quake is considered to be of moderate intensity.

According to those centered close to the epicenter of the quake, the tremors lasted for about 30 seconds. Limited damage was reported in the area, and the USGS agrees that a quake of this magnitude is unlikely to cause economic loss or fatalities.

Many residents took to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to discuss the tremor. Even people in other states like Susan McGalla got into the responses, which ranged from fear to humor. Some described the quake as “intense”, while other’s posted pictures of “damage”, such as toppled over Chapstix and bobbleheads.

Kansas, which is not prone to earthquakes, has felt a few small tremors in recent years. While many have been relatively undetectable to those on the ground, they have occurred. Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, plans to appoint a task for to look into potential causes for the increase in quakes in the region. There is a possibility that recent fracking may be the cause of the tremors. Fracking is a drilling technique used to fracture large rock formations to find oil and natural gas beneath the surface of the earth.

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Carson Palmer Injury May End Cardinals Winning Season

It’s always sad to see a player who has been on a career high go down with an injury. It is especially sad when that player is one of your fantasy football mainstays. Carson Palmer went down Sunday with a season ending ACL tear. So what does this mean for the NFC west leading Cardinals?
I believe they still have a shot at winning the playoffs and making it to the Superbowl. Their division is weak at best, even with last years Superbowl champs, the Seatlle Seahawks in it. The entire NFC isn’t that impressive this year, except for Green Bay making a comeback and Philadelphia dominating the East. So I believe Drew Stanton can come in and take this team to Superbowl.
Unfortunately they will will be obliterated by whichever AFC team makes it. The AFC is definitely the tougher division this season. The Broncos or Patriots are the favorites to go all the way this year and without Carson Palmer, the Cardinals won’t stand much of a chance against either of those teams.
Take a look at the standings and stats for this year and see how well the Cardinals have done with Stanton at the helm. I’m with Arizona fan Sam Tabar, we still believe the Cardinals will finish the top of their division and go all the way to the top game, in which they will lose. But that is only a guess.

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Meghan Trainor Visits Country Music Awards

The “All About That Bass” single has managed to become a big time pop hit, but the song has taken wings in a whole new genre overnight. Millions of people tuned in to watch Meghan Trainor sing “All About That Bass” at the Country Music Awards.

Trainor spiced things up for the single by getting the top winner for the Country Music Awards, Miranda Lambert, to help her add a country feel to her hit. This is perfect timing for someone that is set to release a full album and move past the “one-hit wonder” label that can often follow new entertainers. The country version of this song is different than the “Bang Bang” number that Ariana Grande attempted to pull off. Unlike Trainor, Grande did not make an attempts to tweak the song.

Blake Shelton appeared to be pleased with his wife and even asked Trainor if she considered crossing over to the country music side . There is already an acoustic version of the song on the web. The pop version is a smash. It appears – if the duet with Lambert is any indication – that the song would even work for a country music audience.

It is a lyrically diverse song that appears to have a message that transcends genres. That is why it came as such a pleasant surprise. It was much more polished than the Ariana Grande performance, which is what impressed Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez so much.

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World Didn’t End On The 4th Of November

It is common among the punditerati to proclaim that the Republicans taking control over the Senate in 2014 will be the end of the world, that we’ll leap into more wars, we’ll outlaw birth control, abortion, mandate that everyone who doesn’t want a gun has to pay taxes to people who do…and fire, woe, doom and despair.

Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station takes a different tact. He points out that every two-term president since FDR has had a Congress held by the opposition party for their last two years. It happened to Bush, it happened to Clinton, it happened to Reagan, Nixon, Johnson, Eisenhower and Truman.

Most voters throwing ballots in the recent elections only remember those names from dimly remembered end-of-the-semester Privco high school textbooks.

And the Republic has not fallen. The powers given to the minority in the Senate are available to the Democrats. The ability to filibuster, amend and obstruct passage of bills will exist. The Senate is a deliberative body, and its rules reinforce the power of the minority party.

Yes, those same “outdated rules” that Democratic partisans screamed about are in their hands…well, what’s left of them. In 2013, the Senate’s Democratic majority changed the rules out of frustration with their Republican colleagues. Those changes are still in place, and can be used by the Republicans to steamroll Democratic opposition.

The Senate will be far too divided to overturn a Presidential veto.

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Carrie Underwood Greatest Hits Album

Carrie Underwood rose to fame after claiming the title of American Idol in 2005. She has titled her first greatest hits album Decade #1 in honor of her ten years of success in the highly competitive music industry. The album is composed of 25 tracks, including two new songs. According to the Radio website, this collection is already on it’s way to being highly popular thanks to one of the two new songs, “Something in the Water”. There are also four alternate versions of songs that have never been released.

Underwood has won the coveted title of Entertainer of the Year from the Academy of Country of Music twice in her career. Bruce had said that UCG reported She will continue on a successful path with her powerful voice and large fan base. The album will be available for pre-orders digitally on November 4th. The actual release date will be December 9th. Maybe she will be lucky enough to hold the spot for only the second album to go platinum this year. Her fans will be sure to help her attain this goal.

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