If a UFO is Not an Alien Craft, Then What is It?

My first blog post. And a random one at that. But something I’ve been wanting to putĀ out there for a while.

For decades there have been UFO sightings all over the world. Hovering lights, cigar-shaped vessels, and of course the classic flying saucer. There are earnest and seemingly credible UFO witnesses from all walks of life.

There are reports out of Colorado that the police and NORAD are looking into a sighting of three objects that formed triangles on the horizon. Once a major agency is taking something like this seriously, it lends the issue credibility.

Here is the problem. Everyone and their uncle has a cell phone with the capacity to take high quality photos and video of. Yet with all of these devices at our disposal, nobody has taken good footage of what these things are.

Let’s say UFOs are not visitors from another planet or dimension. Here is a list of 3 things commonly mistaken for UFOs:

1. Airplanes

That’s right, a regular airplane at night in the sky appears to have a triangular shape and flashing lights. They often fly at such a high altitude that they seem to make no sound at all.

2. Balloons

Think about it. A cluster of silver birthday balloons reflecting sunlight can create a weird glowing shape that moves through the air in a seemingly erratic pattern.

3. Satellites

There might be something up there, but it might be man-made. There are 3 navy satellites that are part of the Naval Ocean Surveillance System who were once used to track Soviet vehicles. Who knows what they are used for now? But people see them and mistake them for a triangle-shaped vehicle fairly often.

This is not to say that there is no such thing as UFOs. There are all sorts of unexplainable things going on in the world. It would just be nice if somebody could film one.

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