Over two decades of research performed by scientists has been put into the development of the Molekule Air Purifier which promises to deliver a better night’s sleep to its users.

A key distinction of the unit is that the Molekule Air Purifier uses cancer-killing free radicals to combine pollutants with oxygen.

This oxidation process by the Molekule Air Purifier eliminates more pollutants than are eliminated by other traditional air purifiers.

The Molekule Air Purifier can be ordered through the company’s official website.

The unit is delivered to your mailing address in a protective pouch.

Included in the shipping box is an extra filter for the system to be used when the original filter requires replacement.

The air purifier features a sleek and attractive design.

Ideal for bedrooms and other small rooms, the Molekule Air Purifier setup process takes about an hour.

The setup process involves downloading an app and powering up the unit for an initial cleaning which will take about an hour, depending upon room size.

The app walks you through the setup process.

The Molekule Air Purifier’s well-developed technology begins the process of the initial cleaning as it destroys air pollutants, not trapping them as is done by other traditional filters.

Users have noted real-world improvements in sleep when used in a bedroom as they experience less sneezing associated with air pollutants inhaled during a night’s sleep.

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