How Thor Halvorssen Stands Up For Freedom

The Personal Reasons He Fights For This Cause

Thor Halvorssen is a strong believer in freedom and open societies. He uses his influence to do everything he can in order to promote a world where people can determine their own position in life without the boundaries often forced on them by birth in many authoritarian countries in the world. Going about promoting open societies isn’t an easy thing to do. He faces many risk for his work such as arrest and even death if the wrong dictator is offended.

The Human Rights Foundation

Much of his work revolves around the Human Rights Foundation. As the president and founder of the Human Rights Foundation he is one of the most well known and prominent activists in the world. This naturally means his positions on many important matters receives attention. He uses this to bring attention to important causes he feels are left out of the media. For example, recently the Venezuelan government arrest 6 citizens for speaking out against their government. The Human Rights Foundation is making their cases known around the world in order to bring about the action needed to end their incarceration.

Standing Up For Free Speech

Within America Halvorssen continues his fight by standing up for free speech on college campuses. Far too many colleges stifle political discussion and encourage students to maintain a specific worldview. Thor Halvorssen stands firmly against this and wants to do everything he can in order to make sure that students receive a fair and balanced understanding of the world. He focuses his efforts on exposing campus bias through documentaries such as Indoctrinate U. In that film he investigates bias on college campuses and tries to figure out exactly why so many students are coming out with a specific worldview.