José Borghi Appreciated as Among Brazil’s Most Talented Advertisers

The entire media fraternity of Brazil acknowledges José Henrique Borghi as one of the premium advertisers. José is also the founder of Mullen Lowe agency, a venture that has a crucial role in catapulting his campaigns. Nearly all José Borghi’s campaigns create a significant impact. For instance, consider Mammals of Parmalat, where kids were dressed in animal stuff. They matched singing jingles that have remained engraved in people’s hearts till date. At the mention of José Borghi, minds of many people click “It is the love,” yet another unforgettable hit.

Inspiring Details About Borghi’s Career Life

Mr. José realized his would-be career amid uncertainty. His sister invited him over at Castro Neves Theater to watch some performance. José was in junior high school back then, and his sister wanted to help realize his future career. True to his sister’s idea, by the end of that performance, José already knew what he would pursue as a career. Although it had not taken shape yet, he left the theater with a clear picture of the course his life would take. He did not know he would later grow into a prominent national figure, taking charge of important cases. Click here to know more.

What Does the Brazilian Advertising Mogul Say About his Success?

José knew he would not expect any funding. He was a newbie without a godfather or family or any investors. As such, they worked, and still work hard to realize great success. Running an ad agency has grown him significantly. Being a marathoner also played a key role in helping José pursue sturdily. It taught him not to depend on any luck or donations. Having the right spirit and attitude towards life made it all. Coupling such with hard-work made it even better. José Borghi now serves alongside André Gomes as a co-CEO of Mullen Lowe.