Lime Crime’s Velvetines Impressed Me So Much

I have to admit that I was not even sure if I would like the velvetines from Lime Crime the first time I saw them, but I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Leslie’s video of her trying them all on. I watched the video with a lot of interest because I did not know if they would be the right colors for me. There are several colors I liked, but I was still impressed with the soft red because of what it represents.

I wanted to be sure that I could try something that I would actually wear, and I admit that I love red lipstick. I have always loved red lipstick, but it is hard to give the right impression with red lipstick when it is too bright. I loved the red from Lime Crime because it was soft enough for me to wear every day without giving everyone the idea that I was dressing up. I made more sense for me to try this red velvetine because it was something that would help me look my best without feeling like I was overdoing it.

The best thing that people can do is to try Lime Crime because it feels good on your lips. I love the matte color of the lipstick, and I enjoy the way that it feels on my lips.

You do not have to use the fire engine red lipstick now that you can shop with Lime Crime. I love my hot red lips, but not all the time. The red velvetines at Lime Crime is just one vegan item, but it is by far my favorite.  Like the Facebook page, or read more about them at the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.