Ricardo Tosto Comments on Economic Law in Brazil

In Brazilian law, the sub-field of economic law can generally defined as the discipline that deals with the legal framework that regulates the production and movement of goods and services, especially where this influences the economic development of the nation. This field often studies market controls, competition between firms, as well as collusion. As a legal specialty, economic law studies monopolies and oligopolies, mergers, trusts, and price-fixing.

In Brazil, the relevant legislation is found in several different sources, such as the Anti-Trust Law and the Popular Economic Law. In addition, the federal constitution also contains a section listing regulations that deal with economic policy and financial institutions. The field was pioneered by scholar Washington Peluso Albino de Souza, whose 1949 dissertation, “An Essay on the Juridical Concept of Price,” was one of the first efforts to research the intersection of law and economics.

Ricardo Tosto is one of Brazil’s most reputed attorneys. With over two decades of experience heading up his own firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, Tosto has established himself as an authority in the Sao Paulo legal community. In addition to his work as an attorney, Ricardo Tosto also has a keen interest in politics, economics, and history.

Ricardo Tosto believes that philanthropy enriches his day-to-day work-life. That’s why he is a member of a host of professional associations. In addition, Ricardo Tosto is dedicated to passing on his knowledge to a new generation of Brazilian attorneys through internships and mentoring opportunities. His law firm has offices in several major Brazilian cities.

Selecting A Powerful Business Lawyer In Brazil

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has provided legal services for more than 22 and is well recognized throughout Brazil. He has a popular law firm and clients rely on him for excellent representation and effective resolution of their cases. Prior to establishing his own law firm, Mr Ricardo Tosto worked in a small law firm where he focused on business and corporate litigation.

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