George Soros Disappointed With The Rise Of Undemocratic Administrations Around The World

On January 19th, 2017, George Soros expressed his opinion on the recently sworn in President of the United States, Donald Trump. George stated that Donald Trump is an imposter who is involved in conning deals and has a potential to be a dictatorial president. George Soros was speaking at the World Economic Forum hosted in Davos, Switzerland and stated that Trump is set to fail in his presidency. He explained that the president supports a government that does not foster an open society but one that operates through dictatorship or imitates a mafia state on Politico. George is a Holocaust survivor and an immigrant who escaped from Nazi ruling as a child.

George Soros believes that the laws governing the United States are strongly against dictatorship and will prevent the scenario from full manifestation. According to George, Trump has self-contradictory beliefs which are inherently affected by his advisors. George explained that Donald Trump did not expect to win the presidential election and had a focus to build his international brand, hence he currently has an uncertainty in how he should run the state. George Soros said on Snopes that Trump would play a vital role in helping China become an international leader since the nation cannot rise to the position on its own. In December 2016, George Soros stated the proposed cabinet members of the speculated Donald Trump presidency comprised of retired generals, extremists and undemocratic individuals who would not protect the democracy of the world. George Soros was an active supporter of Donald Trump who donated a total of more than 1 billion dollars to the course. According to a post on the Wall Street Journal, Soros’ funds increased by 5 percent during the campaign period in 2016.

In another post on Business Insider, George sorrows explained his current state of thoughts regarding the newly elected United States administration on Biography. He explained that his background greatly inspired him to adapt an anti-communism approach towards leadership and society. According to the article authored by George Soros, a lot of people felt cheated from their right to democracy. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has spearheaded the growth of wealth through globalization of financial trades and advocates’ involvement in financial markets. Soros firmly believes that although Donald Trump has toned down his perceptions against democracy, the United States will not be able to defend the rights of minorities and citizens around the world. Soros believes that the rise of communist around the world such as Putin will significantly affect the functionality of an open society. He stated that the European Union is under the possible rule of Vladimir Putin, whose concept of leadership strongly opposes the values of a free society. George Soros advised active EU supporters to fight the threatening future communism by dictatorial leaders.