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Dr. Walden is a graduate from the Texas University in Biology with a Medical doctorate. She is a certified Plastic Surgeon formally trained in Cosmetic Surgery based in Austin Texas. She has adequate knowledge and experience in the field of medicine as she is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and also the American Society of Plastic Surgeons where she also served at the capacity of media spokesperson.


Dr. Walden has practiced in New York at the Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition to her background in the medical training, she operates her own cosmetic surgery center and also the Westlake Medical Center. Moreover, this ambitious woman has served in institutions such as the Central Park Surgery Center and the Hill Country Hospital among others where she has put up a clinic for cosmetic surgery which is her main area of specialization.


Her specialty is in procedures like aesthetic surgery where she has gained expertise in and has owned a name internationally. She poses great techniques and has performed various procedures in cosmetic surgery in parts such as the face, body and the breast. It’s through this focus and hands on experience that has seen her become the Program Director at the Manhattan (Ear, Eye and throat) Hospital.


Her special interest has taken her through various operations in breast augmentation and also breast lift surgery. Moreover, she performs cosmetic surgery like the rhinoplasty with her up to date knowledge on skincare. Lastly, she offers her practice in third world countries to children born with cleft lip and palate liaising with NGOs from Austin.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Offers Specialized Surgeries

Dr. Jennifer Walden offers specialized surgeries for every patient, and she has trained on many of them to help her patients as much as possible. She wants to be sure that a woman who comes into the office can get the service she needs, and she offers a woman many options to see what she could do. There are a lot of interesting surgeries that women have considered in the past, and they should think about how they can use these surgeries to change their bodies in the way that is most helpful for them.


The office where Dr. Jennifer Walden works is a place where every woman can come in and get service without any issue. She is trying to make it as easy as she can, and she can talk to women about a surgery that they might have heard of. There are some special surgeries that will change a woman’s body in the most minute ways, but they will still need to find someone who is very skilled. It is a very simple process to turn a surgery into a new identity, and Dr. Walden knows that each woman should consider what her options are. There is no reason to do anything other than a simple procedure that changes just one thing.


These women will relax in comfort when they recover from their surgeries, and they will have a staff waiting to help them when they come in. A friend or family member can come in and wait with the patient, and they will have a nice place to sit as they wait. Dr. Walden has created the perfect place a woman to change her body and get support.