Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler: Unlikely Fashion Company Icons


To some, the fashion industry seems a troublesome fit for e-commerce. Two successful entrepreneurs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, have teamed up and created a business that is changing that point of view.


Both men have experience spotting trends and turning them into profitable businesses. Adam created Gamer’s Alliance, his first company, at the ripe old age of 15 and sold after three years to Intermix Media. They then offered him a job. Goldenberg decided he was finished with high school and said yes to the job. Soon he moved from his position as VP to Chief Operating Officer, the youngest Intermix COO ever.


As an entrepreneur, Don Ressler successfully started a series of businesses the first of which was Fitness Heaven. Just as his future partner had done, Ressler sold Fitness Heaven to Intermix Media where Adam Goldenberg happened to be the then 19-year-old COO. The pair teamed up to create Alena Media.


After Alena had become part of News Corp, the two e-commerce superheroes felt frustrated, irrelevant and bored. They packed their bags and lit out for greener pastures.


Goldenberg and Ressler took stock of their combined skills arriving at the conclusion their strength was online performance advertising. They decided to create an organization to build brands that would appeal to consumers in the direct marketing environment. The dynamic duo hijacked some talented members of their Alena Media team and created Brand Ideas whose function was to set up and nurture e-commerce brands.


Brand Ideas morphed into Intelligent Beauty, and the focus shifted to health and beauty supporting products aimed at skin care, weight loss, and eventually fashion. As their success in the health and beauty field gained momentum, Don and Adam worked on an emerging concept idea that would move the shopping experience online.


The two wanted to provide the newest trending fashions for an affordable price and combine the whole thing with social media. Their idea was to focus on making online fashion fun by creating an engaging and social happening. The result of their new concept; JustFab. Members receive more than just clothes. They receive advice, pleasant and informative interaction with others, and an education on just how to create and wear cutting edge fashion ensembles.