Jeffrey Schneider, the Visionary Man Behind Ascendant Capital

Jeffrey Schneider holds the capacity of the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC., an Austin-based boutique. The company deals with the raising of funds for other fundraiser sponsors, both established and emerging. Ascendant Capital applies a broad range of marketing strategies, education, operation services, and sales to achieve the goals.

Company Achievements

Under the leadership of Jeffrey, the company, which has been around since 2008 has managed to raise over $1 billion on behalf of several managers. Notably within the company, there has been an increase in the number of employees from just two to over thirty.

Since its inception, Ascendant Capital has expanded its network to a global level. The company works with over 250 registered investment advisors, over fifty broker-dealers and many family offices. The cash that Jeffrey and his team have managed to collect is mainly used in auto dealerships, purchase of real estate, and in the tech companies.

The Driving Force

Even after realizing such great achievement, Jeffry and his team are always aiming higher by setting challenging goals each month. The biggest question is what driving force motivates them this much? Jeffrey, as the spearhead of the company, believes that venturing in new investments reduces volatility and helps diversify in holdings.

Additionally to this visionary leadership, the company is founded on a strong sense of trust between the members. Ascendant Capital has the culture of open dialogue which consequently creates a favorable environment for growth and expansion. When this kind of transparency is combined with the responsibility of making their clients a top priority, you get consecutive growth year in year out.

About Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey, a Massachusetts University graduate, has vast experience in the field of financial advisory. Prior Ascendants, he worked for both Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Capital Advisors. He also a work history with Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney.

Philanthropic Deeds

In addition to business, Jeffrey Scheider is involved in several charitable organizations among them the Gazelle Foundation and Wonders and Worries. Jeffrey also contributes to the Cherokee Home for Children.

Private Life

Apart from business and charitable actions, Jeffrey is also an active marathoner. He has participated in several ironmans, half ironmans, and marathons. He also loves traveling and has visited several places including Asia, South America, and Europe. Jeffrey currently resides in Texas.