How Fashion Complements Technological Inventions and Advancements


It is vital to look at the history of fashion tech to predict the future of the two industries. During the 1970s, the boom box caused a frenzy among the masses but was quickly replaced by a Walkman during the 90s. A decade later, the iPod was born. It was smaller, advanced, and personalized the user’s music experience.


Fashion and Tech


Fashion relies on current trends. It helps deliver technology to the populous in a unique and accessible way. This has led to the synthesis of technology and style. Fashionistas and upcoming designers are venturing into technology inspired creations, making technologies more accessible. Anouk Wipprecht is one such fashionista who marries fashion with technology. She compares technology to a playing ground, stating that it is a place of experimentation that is filled with numerous possibilities. She has created many innovative designs like DareDroid and Pseudomorphs.


Accessible Technology through Fashion


Wearing bike protection gear is not deemed fashionable. However, we ought to acknowledge the protection it offers during our biking experience. The invention of the car airbags has been re-imagined by two fashionistas who have incorporated it into cycling. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have created neckwear that includes airbags designed specifically for cyclists. The airbag jets out of the neckwear piece to protect the cyclist’s head from impact.


Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, another couple of fashion designers, have made technology advancements accessible through fashion. The duo has created firefighter gloves branded “Frontline Gloves.” These set of gloves enhance communication among firefighters through natural hand gestures. Their features include gestures that inform people when to leave a building or a scene and give an “OK” to situations.


Inventors as well are identifying the role fashion plays in promoting technological advancements. Soledad Martin is an inventor working on a shoe prototype which can charge a mobile phone while one is walking or running. The science behind it is that kinetic energy, which is energy in motion, is captured by the shoe and converted into electrical energy.


Chris Burch of Creative Capital


Christopher Burch is Creative Capital’s CEO and founder. Mr. Burch has 35 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He has facilitated the rise of over 50 companies through an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior.


The company, currently, supports several lifestyle and consumer brands across home furnishings, apparel, hospitality, retail, organic foods, and technology. Chris Burch has built an impressive track record of ensuring innovation makes an impact.