Ay Jake! The Best Of Denzel Washington


When you say Denzel Washington’s name in a sentence, it rings a bell. The reason why it rings a bell is because he is one of the greatest actors of all time. His natural acting abilities have earned him several awards. Film after film, he effortlessly gives his roles a magnanimous purpose. In addition, Denzel Washington is a hit with the ladies. On film, there is nothing Denzel can do wrong. In his own right, he is an activist.

Through hard work, Denzel Washington paved the way for several African American actors and entertainers. In a sense, Denzel Washington is the Martin Luther King of Hollywood. With that being said, some of Denzel Washington’s greatest works includes Glory, Malcolm X, and Training Day. First is Glory. In the film, Denzel Washington plays a former slave who joins the Union army to fight against Confederate soldiers. Throughout the scene, audiences were drawn to Denzel Washington’s magnetism and charisma.

Glory showcases the brutality of the Ameircan Civil War. Next, is the Malcolm X film, one of the best black movies ever. Directed by Spike Lee, Denzel Washington channels the spirit of the Civil Rights activist Malcolm X. It is one of Denzel Washington’s most bone chilling roles ever. Denzel Washington played Malcolm X so well, Malcolm X probably would have thought Denzel was him. Last but not least, is Training Day. For Denzel Washington fans, Training Day is an all time favorite. In the film, Denzel Washington plays one of the most corrupt law enforcement officials you could imagine.

The Film Work of Thor Halvorssen Expresses His Interests in Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most famous human rights activists in the world for his work with the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum along with his many different appearances on various news media; Thor is also a well known film producer with a growing reputation in the industry based on his work on both fiction and non-fiction projects that often reflect his own interests in human rights and various forms of activism. Halvorssen has never limited himself to creating a career solely in the human rights community or in the film industry, instead looking to combine his interests in a way that will be important to people all over the globe.

Film has always been a prominent interest of Thor Halvorssen as he feels he should take part in the world around him in a way that both entertains and educates. Beginning his career in documentary productions has given Thor the chance to look back at many entertaining human rights events taking place in the 20th century to bring these important events to the people of the world. Halvorssen worked as the producer of “The Singing Revolution”, a film telling the story of the Estonian uprising against Communist rule that has become one of the world’s most successful documentary films. As the founder of the Moving Picture Institute, Thor also hopes to inspire those affected by human rights issues to create films based on their experiences or research that would not normally receive a high level of funding from traditional sources.

Politics obviously plays a role in the life of Thor Halvorssen, but the son of a famous Venezuelan diplomat has always stated he has little to no interest in being a part of the political fabric of his home country of Venezuela or any other country in the world. Despite his lack of interest in politics aside from their relationship to human rights, Thor Halvorssen has brought together many sitting and former politicians from around the world to interact with those affected by human rights issues at the Oslo Freedom Forum.