Duda Melzer Provides Leadership to Major Multi-Media Giant:

Duda Melzer is the prominent CEO of the Brazilian multi-media giant: Grupo RBS. The company is a very progressive organization and requires leadership that is comparatively: second-to-none. Grupo RBS is part of the familial lineage of Duda Melzer. Duda Melzer is a nickname for Eduardo. Duda Melzer’s peers and valued clients call him by his non-traditional name.

Grupo RBS, which Duda Melzer provides leadership, is quite an extra-ordinary company. It is a multi-media conglomerate. It owns television stations, radio stations, newspaper publications, news portals, and various multi-media units.

The large company employs over six-thousand professional journalists. The statistic makes Grupo RBS the second largest employer with respect to journalistic talent, in the Brazilian multi-media market.

Duda attained his academic training at the Harvard Business School. It was at Harvard Business School that he earned a Bachelor’s Degree and MBA in Business Administration. He, as well, held some executive and consultancy posts, in the United States, prior to returning to Brazil.

Eduardo successfully moved up through the ranks of leadership at Grupo RBS. He is a welcome leader, as it pertains to the giant conglomerate. His academic background, and his increasing progression, as it pertains to his leadership roles, make Eduardo a superb President and CEO.

The journalistic talent at Grupo RBS also, have in Eduardo, a leader who possesses the same degree of talent; as well as possessing a great deal of business acuity. He, has been applauded, with regard to his talent, by way of commendation by many highly-refined organizations, within the multi-media industry. When it is a leader who “steps up to the plate:” Eduardo Melzer is that CEO.