Alexandre Gama Is A Key Player In The Global Creative Board

The Global Creative Board is a Publicis Groupe committee that consists of a diverse group of executives to oversee the communications industry. This group makes decisions to influence the communications industry in order to improve the marketplace. Alexandre Gama is the only Brazillian to have ever been a part of this committee. His insight of the Brazillian communications market it unique and highly valuable to the international community.

Alexandre Gama has left quite a name for himself as a marketer and one of the most famous copywriters in the country. Since 2014, many of his projects have been exhibited at the Brazilian Art Museum. His exhibit is considered to be one of the most major cultural parts of the Sao Paulo art clique.

VIOLAB was another experimental part of Alexandre’s career. VIOLAB is a music studio that records some of the most popular guitar artists in the country. Some of their work is published on their official Youtube channel.