Norka Luque Has the Drive to Push Herself to Stardom

The reason that some artists are successful while others are not has much to do with their drive behind the artist. The right producers and songwriters can be in place, but if there is no drive within the artist the music will fail to be impactful. This is certainly the case with Norka Luque. She is an artist that has become a real professional. She knows how to build up momentum and take her songs to the next level.

When she released “Milagro” this could have easily become a single that did not break outside of the Latin charts. After all, Norka is an artist that is from Venezuela. She didn’t have an American sound or any type of rooms in America. This has changed over time though because she has managed to remix the single and enter the salsa, dance and techno charts. This is not an accident. Norka Luque presented the track in such great style. She has managed to give the track a new life several times over because she has been able to promote the track to the mainstream.

This is what people that are driven will do. They push their music in a way that makes people take notice of what they are doing. There is never a time when Norka is not promoting music. She is pushing her music to new heights, and she really wants people around the world to become familiar with the music that she is creating. Emilio Estefan has certainly done that. He has helped her get the exposure that other artists like his wife Gloria Estefan were getting in the early days of her career. Gloria would become a major force in the industry. She would motivate other Latin artists and get recognition on Latin charts, but she also became the artist that would crossover into American charts and gain success.

She can sing, but she loves to cook as well. She is also interested in fashion. Her drive for music is what has given her the ability to make things come to life. Luque has become the artist that has been willing to promote herself. She has been driven to become a crossover artist that can totally shake things up.