Technologist Eric Pulier & His 21st Century Movement

Technology is all around us whether it’s in our smart phones, computers, televisions, work and medical equipment. This is the “digital age” and technology is running the show. Being so advanced in it’s actions, every piece of technology started out as just an idea or concept. Teaneck, New Jersey native Eric Pulier has a definitive way of producing results across a wide range of industries. His brilliant mind has done many things to improve this society we live in and his stronger than normal passion will push him to do even more in the future. Eric Pulier is a man of many acts as well as talents. He’s a one man army in a sense thanks to his ability for founding businesses. As of today, he has founded or co-founded 15 companies. This includes Service mesh Inc, FLY, Digital Evolution, U.S. Interactive, Akana Software, Desktone, and numerous others. He started his first computer database company while in high school. That’s right!


Having such high intelligence has allowed Pulier to come up with many brilliant ideas. The guy has developed multimedia educational software for people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis, he’ brought in innovation to underprivileged communities worldwide, and he’s been awarded with many prestigious awards in philanthropy. In 2010 he was named as the top billed honoree at the “U.S. Doctors For Africa” event in New York City. There just seem like it isn’t anything that he can’t do.


Being such business savvy has allowed Pulier to invest in seed level start up companies and capital venture deals. The guy sold his last company for %350 Million as well. This short article only scratches the surface of what this guy has done, but at least you have a better idea of what he can and have done for society.