Eric Pulier: Unsung Hero

Life can be a bit funny sometimes and a bit weird. Have you ever noticed how entertainers, celebrities, or professional athletes get all of the credit as well as exposure? Have you ever noticed that people who do great things for man-kind always get overlooked? These special beings actually bring solutions to the table, but 90% of them will never become a household name. This is the case with Eric Pulier whom has an extensive resume of success that spans across many different industries. The guy is literally a genius (in-a-sense) as he has used advanced technology to solve issues within many different business sectors. Here’s a little background of the guy who’s said to be a “jack of all trades.”


  • Businessman
  • Founder & Owner of His Very Own Restaurant/Night Club
  • Guest Speaker
  • And many more

Eric Pulier can take the smallest of idea and turn it into a reality. He’s attended two of the most prestigious higher educational facilities in the nation being MIT and Harvard University. His love for the technology field is stronger than most others and he’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into start-up companies whom have gone on to be a success themselves. There just isn’t anything he can’t do. Mr. Pulier has also invested into many Venture Capital Funds such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures just to name a few. How many other individuals have done as much as he has in such a short period of time.

Having such a huge heart for helping others has given him the title of “Philanthropist.” Pulier just has a knack for increasing the moral of people whom are defeated (in-a-sense). In 2010 he was chosen as the top billed nominee at the “U.S. Doctors For Africa” Event in New York City and he’s won a host of other awards similar in nature. He may be not be well known or even a household name, but Eric Pulier is a true American Innovator.

Eric Pulier is the Best Person to Contact for Help with a New Enterprise System

I have a business that uses enterprise technology, and I started working with Eric Pulier a few years ago because I knew that we needed to have a special kind of enterprise system that would create email accounts for our people, connect them to their phones and put us in touch with the phones when we needed it. We are working with people who are in the field, and while text is a good thing, there are other things we need to send to our drivers immediately. That is something that made our business better, and it helped me send alerts to their phones instead of using some kind of typical device.

We needed to be sure that we could work with someone who would help us make sure that we could get the help that we needed, and I asked Eric Pulier if he thought I could set up this system to make the alerts ping every phone when I had to send them. This makes it so easy for me to get the results that I want with my drivers, and I know that I can send them information that will send them tot he right jobs at the right time.

We are using the Eric Pulier enterprise technology to make sure that our dispatch office is as efficient as possible. They want to be sure that they can talk to the drivers without any problem, and they also want to know that they have a way to speak to the drivers in real time.

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