Securus Technologies saves families thousands

Securus Technologies‘ most popular product has quickly become its video visitation system. Since unveiling the system almost a decade ago, its explosive growth in popularity has continued apace. Today Securus’ video visitation systems are installed in 168 institutions and service over 1.2 million inmates across the United States. 160,000 visits per month are realized through this innovative technology. Contrary to misleading reports by detractors, this growth is due exclusively to the soaring popularity of the service with both inmates and their families. And there are good reasons why so many have come to love it.


Prison visitations – a problem in need of a solution


Throughout the history of the U.S. corrections system, one of the programs that inmates have most cherished is visitation: the ability to see family and friends from their outside lives. This has always been widely recognized by those who work in the prison system as a potent ameliorant to the angst and onset of violent despair towards which isolated inmates so often drift.


However, a problem faced by many family and friends of inmates was the location of the prison. In states like Texas or even Michigan, it was not uncommon for families to live hundreds of miles from the place of their loved ones’ incarceration. Until very recently, this meant visiting a son or father in prison could easily cost in excess of $500 for a family who couldn’t complete the trip in one day. As a result, many inmates would only see or hear from their family members a few times a year, if that.


With the advent of Securus’ video visitation, a $500 visitation has been turned into a $2.72 visitation, the average cost of a Securus video call. This means inmates can stay in touch with their loved ones, face to face, not once a year, but multiple times per week. This saves families thousands and allows them almost the same level of contact with their loved one that they would have enjoyed outside the prison system.