Richard Blair Role with the Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair is one individual who has built a reputation around the Austin area for offering the most innovative solutions to his clients. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has various certifications that make him all rounded and competent. These certifications include the RICP, CFS, CES, and CAS.

With the many years of experience, he has managed to help clients grow business wise and has also helped individuals struggling with the retirement dilemma. His firm, Wealth Solutions, is located in Austin, Texas, and functions as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm and this makes the client love the firm even more.

He established the Wealth Solutions in the year 1994 after been inspired by his grandmother and mother who were both teachers.

These two influential figures taught him the importance of confidence in acquiring knowledge. He believes in a three-pillar plan when it comes to the financial plan of a client. He has designed the first plan to establish and define the financial roadmap for the client.

This means looking into the strengths and goals of this plan. It also entails looking at its risk tolerance and not forgetting the growth opportunities associated with it. Richard Blair has the belief that the best way to help a client is by understanding where they are coming from and what their goals are.

According to Wealth Minder, The second pillar by Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is one that entails coming up with a long-term strategy that will be used by the client to meet his/ her goals in the long term.

This way, Wealth Solution manages to maximize the performance of its clients’ needs. Finally, the last pillar revolves around having a good insurance scheme for the client.