David McDonald’s Contribution to the Food Sector

David McDonald is the current president of OSI Group, which is a private held international food processor. He has been at the helm of OSI Group LLC from the year 1987 up to now, a period of 30 years. This explains his prowess and might in his line of work. David graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree at Iowa State University. He has skills in food industry, product development, business strategy, strategic planning, food safety, new business development, customer service, agribusiness income statement among many other positive attributes.

David McDonald’s effort towards the improvement of OSI Group LLC’s sustainability has been monumental. He has always striven to maintain the standards of OSI Group LLC. Recently the group marked 20 years since the time it entered in the Chinese market. It opened its first food processing plant (McDonalds) at Beijing in the year 1992.Thanks to the effort and good entrepreneurial skills of David McDonald ,the OSI Group LLC has tremendously grown and advanced with China’s economy. The Beijing Olympics in the year 2008 was quite a good opportunity for the OSSI GROUP LLC to do business. The Beijing Olympics saw the OSI GROUP supply 13 tons of five different products that included dehydrated onions, chicken, eggs, pork and beef. OSI GROUP was rated highly and received no complaints. The Beijing Olympic committee appreciated the group for the commendable job.

OSI GROUP LLC recently acquired Baho foods, a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, snacks and convenience food. David McDonald OSI Group was very optimistic about adding Baho Foods to the OSI Europe; he said that it would give OSI strong presence in Europe. He added that the food products from Baho foods would complement the ones processed by OSI, thus strengthening the company. Baho Foods managing director was excited about the move because of the wide product portfolio.

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