DSI® has released its newest cloud-based management system to provide complete control across the supply chain. The release is part of a series of solutions designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to manage their inventories. Cloud Inventory® has been customized to include a number of tools and functions that provide customers with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and advanced features. In addition, the system is hosted in DSI’s state-of-the-art data center, ensuring rock-solid security and uptime for businesses worldwide.

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other businesses that wish to keep a close eye on the inventory levels of their products can take advantage of this new system. The cloud-based software will allow them to access real-time Field Inventory Management data from anywhere in the world as well as use it to make strategic business decisions from an integrated management console, which is easy to use and provides a high level of automation. The latest release offers users more capabilities than previous versions of the program. It is fully customizable and allows businesses to track all types of inventory, including raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods, and their costs.

Cloud Inventory® provides multi-level security configuration, flexible access privileges for users, powerful reporting tools, and an industry-proven design. The system includes modules that are ready to use out of the box, including Point of Sale (POS), Inventory Management, Sales Order Processing, Pick & Pack Modules, and others designed to work seamlessly with these primary functions.

This new software has been designed to work with existing hardware and offers several inventory managements tools that can be configured based on the needs of each business. The system can integrate into the client’s current workflow, allowing businesses to access powerful management reports at any time and from anywhere.

As part of DSI’s commitment to the small business owner, this cloud-based inventory management solution has been built with an intuitive interface allowing business owners to take advantage of powerful functions without the need for extensive training, instruction manuals, or IT support.See this page, for some amazing reviews about them.


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