David Azzato is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He works with several companies throughout the UK and has been an expert in cryptocurrency from its early inception, and continues to be one of the strongest advocates of Bitcoin.

Azzato is the founder of David Azzato Advisory, a London firm specializing in Crypto and venture capital. He draws on his 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs and make their paths clear.

The explosive growth of cryptocurrency and the growth of the IT industry means markets will continue to be volatile, but strong entrepreneurs will know how to be flexible and have realistic expectations of the market over the coming years.

Azzato is also a popular financial blogger and has his most interesting blog on Medium, where he offers free financial advice and his takes on the trading industry. David has shared his expert insight on many topics and continues to support entrepreneurs in their efforts to change their world.

He believes that success comes from staying true to your values and for the original reasons for choosing to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs must cultivate and grow their optimism. They need to keep the fire burning, the one that made them start on this journey in the first place.

When you first had that idea, you were happy, motivated, your business took off quickly and you felt that excitement and energy. Your entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well, but as your business continues monotony can easily set in unless you keep that energy going.

Azzato believes the entrepreneur mindset of innovation, meeting challenges and seeking adventure is always there, it is just a matter of growing, learning and discovery.

You must try new things and inspire your team to do the same. Encourage people to share ideas and to think outside the box. You need to be intentional and make your environment one of adventure and the possibility of a better future.

David Azzato believes that to keep the fire of entrepreneurship burning you need to take risks, live with that discomfort, but at the same time, your journey should be one of self-worth and of caring for your employees. Commit to doing something good in your community for your co-workers. Have a chat day where you sit and work side by side without technology, talking about what you want and where you want your business to be and how your team should be rewarded for standing by you through the journey.

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