Dr Alddo Molinar loves what he does. He has incredible hands-on experience with anesthesiology and he genuinely enjoys it. Additionally, the doctor is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. Alddo Molinar uses a multi-disciplinary approach to determine a method of caring for his patients. From performing a neurosurgical procedure to a spinal fusion, the doctor evaluates the best method to care for his patients.


Clinical experience


Dr Molinar has extensive clinical experience in all aspects of anesthesiology. The doctor works extensively in the fields of cardiac, thoracic and pediatric anesthesiology. Dr. Alddo Molinar has been appointed and led multiple teams of doctors during the treatment of a variety of critically ill patients. He currently serves in various critical care, emergency, and intensive care units. Dr. Alddo Molinar enjoys his work with many charitable organizations.


Critical Care Medicine Expert

The work of a board certified anesthesiologist


Specialized anesthesiologists are licensed physicians who practice medicine and perform various anesthesia-related medical procedures. According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), the job of an anesthesiologist is to provide “quality, safe and efficient care to patients during medical, surgical and recovery processes.” By understanding the structure and function of the nervous system, anesthesiologists can work to improve the ability of a patient to receive adequate anesthesia care.


Dr Alddo Molinar’s Background

Molinar graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas in 1986 and received his medical degree in 1990. His original goal was to pursue pediatric medicine, but he decided instead to attend the El Paso Community College and teach at the Rio Grande Health Clinic in El Paso. The experience helped mold the physician’s outlook on medicine and inspired him to stay in El Paso to practice. He served as a staff anesthesiologist at the El Paso Medical Center and the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas before receiving a residency in anesthesiology at the Cleveland Clinic. From an early age, Dr. Aldd Molinar followed his passion for medicine after witnessing firsthand the effect that illness and disease had on his family and friends. His dedication to the field led him to pursue a PhD degree in pain management from UT Southwestern Medical Center and it’s clear that he’s committed to always improving his skills as a medical professional for all patients he treats.