The emergence of the Coronavirus disease has brought down several sectors and the economy as a whole. Therefore, the governments decided to look for solutions that would prevent the further spread of the disease and its impacts. Restriction of public gatherings and encouraging the use of face masks are some of the measures put in place. This resulted in a decline in global economy as there was flawed circulation f currency due to the closure of the economy. The ministry of health also advised firms to embrace remote working and virtual operations to ensure social distancing.

Fortress Investment Group, based in New York, is one of the firms that has faced adverse effects due to the closure of the economy. Most of its employees shifted to remote and virtual working. Fortress Investment Group is one of the first that kept on operating regardless of the effects of the pandemic. The virtual method was used to offer services to its customers. With the worsening of the Coronavirus pandemic, several firms lost hope and shut down.

However, the New York based firm, Fortress Investment Group, found this an opportunity to increase its net worth and maximize its operations. The firm continued winning more customers. It also acquired more acquisitions channeling in money to improve quality in product and service offerings. Several firms and businesses in the United States have grown from startups to multinational firms because of the support from Fortress Investment firm.

Fortress’ acquisitions include one of New York’s top-ranking restaurants. The resort was leased to this firm after it could not manage running its operations or pay its workers. Since taking over the firm, Fortress Investment Group was to be in charge of running its operations. Another acquisition by Fortress is the UK-based firm, Majestic Wines. The firm was also leased to Fortress because of bankruptcy. Go Here for related Information.