Among the most prominent public schools in Scotland and the United Kingdom, Gordonstoun school, a public school, has produced some of the most notable figures locally and internationally.

In addition, the school is one of the favorites for the royal family, having played host to some of the royal families, notably the Duke of Edinburg or Prince Phillip.

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Dr. Kurt Hahn started Gordonstoun, but unfortunately, he is not as famous as the school he founded.

Nevertheless, he has played a critical role in shaping the school into a global icon in education matters.

Hahn has also played another vital role in the milestone of Gordonstoun school as he shaped the most prestigious prize and award that the school offers.

The prestigious Duke of Edinburgh award was conceptualized and designed by Kurt in collaboration with one of the former students at the school, Prince Phillip.

The award gets intended to create global leaders with high service qualities.

They currently have a population drawn from over 150 countries studying under the Duke of Edinburg scholarship.

Hahn is one of the few persons whose contribution to the Duke of Edinburgh prize gets underrated. Still, if you look further, you will notice and appreciate his contribution to this award’s development.

Hahn is a German national born and raised to a Jew family in Berlin.

Hahn is a graduate of the University of Heidelberg and the University of Gottingen.

It was at this university where Hahn’s love for pedagogical philosophy got aroused.

When he moved to the University of Oxford, Hahn got an opportunity to get his view shaped by global perspectives.

In particular, he got a chance to admire and experience firsthand the features and quality of the British public education system.

Later after he left Oxford, Hahn used the lessons and aspirations drawn from Oxford on the British public education system to start Gordonstoun.

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