The IM Academy is known for its involvement in the sale of educational services and products online. These provisions focus on teaching the learners about the world of foreign trading. The institution seeks to deliver online trading skills mainly via live interactive content. Its platform is supported by app-based content and an entire library of pre-recorded information.

Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry founded IM Academy in 2013 and set its head offices in the Empire State. The goal was to provide students with educational and learning opportunities. The academic facility uses a subscription model that facilitates all its operations. Its objective is to offer clients interactive and accessible training.

Students could learn how to apply the necessary skills in forex exchange. Currently, IM Academy has roughly 225,000 active clients who have subscribed to its services and products. The staff members at the company rely on a remote working paradigm. This model does not retain comprehensive office real estate.

Consequently, the adopted model allows the company to recruit talent irrespective of their geographical location. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has managed to continue with its operations. Since the model complies with the emergency orders issued during the global health crisis, learning has picked up without disruptions.

The main product issues at the company are academies which are learning modules. IM Academy offers four different training programs. The four academies available at the institution include ECX, DCX, HFX, and FRX. Students can purchase their preferred option through the company’s site.

A Brief History

IM gives a discount on the academy package known as Elite. This package combines DCX, HFX, and FRX academies. Clients can get a 54% discount on the first subscription as well as a 48% discount on every monthly subscription. It is less expensive than buying these academies as separate programs. Visit this app, for additional information.


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