Joseph Ashford has worked with a vast range of businesses in a diverse range of sectors. He knows how to maximize growth opportunities, attract investors and develop new business models. Josheph Ashford’s career is one that stands on two pillars. Firstly, he is an investor himself and has been involved in the majority of the businesses he has developed. The London investor also provides advice on portfolio management, putting the customer at the center of his business model. You will be hard pushed to find someone else that is both a self-made entrepreneur and investor. But Joseph Ashford is not alone in this space. Marcum (formerly Bowery Capital) has partnered with Ashford to help prepare them for growth opportunities in a quickly changing and competitive business environment. It is a trend that is gaining momentum as Joseph Ashford shares his view of the investment approach. This has great potential for the profits available to investors and growth opportunities that many in the business world are taking advantage of. By continually re-evaluating the company, what is required to grow in all aspects, and where to look for opportunities, it could transform a business into one that can thrive.


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A strong focus on new customer acquisition has also been the cause for creating some great opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is the reason why many are focusing their efforts on providing a solution rather than just a product. Coming from a marketing background, Joseph Ashford London began in the domain of broadcast, helping businesses to prepare and market their events. This gave him the ideal background to help clients to gain visibility on the channel. It was also what initially led him to his next venture, the concept that was K4 Media. Through his own history of business growth and entrepreneurial savvy, Joseph Ashford recognized that he could take the approach to television which he had just mastered in another sector and use it to boost the marketplace for his clients in new and interesting ways. He pioneered a TV-based network for business, where TV production, training, and other services were provided alongside the series and training. He subsequently invested in his company, incorporating it with modern technologies.

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