Is George Soros a Man of Interest or Selfless Goals?

George Soros, the Jewish kid who became one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world. He has become a target of debates for years now, and most of them have started again after the 2016 American elections of Hilary Clinton against Donald Trump, and the victory of the last has shocked the world as among the supporters of the other candidate was the magnate and philanthropist George Soros.

Mr. Soros is a multi-billionaire that has done a lot to move the political system in the world around him. He has backed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton not so much because he supported her ideals, but because she was the strongest candidate that was against Donald Trump and his hate speeches.

As a boy who saw the horrors of the Nazi army and their aggressiveness against Jewish people, George Soros is a big sympathizer of freedom and cultural variety, and he saw very carefully that Trump was, among other things, praising censorship and was against women rights in many interviews that he did during his candidacy. The man has become one of the most influential philanthropists of the world, having already donated billions of dollars to charitable causes, non-profitable initiatives and organizations that seek to fight for freedom of speech and expression.

The philanthropist and billionaire have built foundations by himself that he named “Open Society Foundations,” which have professionals and allies working on the same principles as Soros: Fight for a world with cultural diversity and acceptance. Most of his donations to non-profit causes are made through these foundations, or through Soros Fund Management, his hedge fund.

After Trump had assumed the presidency, many people went to the streets to protest against it, either because they thought that the electoral system was rigged or because they say that Trump does not represent America for them. The other side of the spectrum, however, thinks that everything is just a strike and that George Soros, among other participants of the opposing team, are interested investors and shady individuals who want to control the world or something like that. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

As George Soros has proved dozens of times, he is not a puppet master looking to control the United States, but rather preserve a future that is theoretically better for everybody, not just the pure blood Americans who do not suffer from the same prejudice that migrants and LGBT people do, for example. Trump does not have the support of the less-represented communities of the country, which is a huge sign that America is divided once again and the reclusive communities are even more reclusive now that their president does not represent their interests.

Being an American but born in Budapest, George Soros wants to see the best in the nation that he has adopted to be his home, and he does not think that Trump is the right candidate to lead the suffering communities that need substantial support. Because George Soros has the wealth to make the world a better place, he is part of the opposition and one of the biggest representatives of those who want the political side of America to change. Learn more on about George Soros.

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