Albert Einstein is famous for having said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”  That might be the way to describe the approach of futurist and serially successful tech entrepreneur Jason Hope. In a recent interview, he said, “I like to start by keeping things basic”. Jason Hope added that overcomplicated approaches tend to waste time and get bogged down before they can develop into something useful. It’s a formula that has served him well. Jason Hope has worked with numerous top organizations, including the Science Center, Teach for America Phoenix, Family Health International and the T Gen Foundation –- to name just a few.


Jason Hope


In addition to finding mental clarity and maintaining a degree of simplicity, Hope said that fledgling entrepreneurs should never forget they are riding around on this planet in physical bodies that require “basic care and maintenance.” He said too many young go-getters believe that downing energy drinks, ignoring proper nutrition and skipping sleep are necessary attributes of the pathway to success. Jason Hope said the opposite is true. He starts each day with a nutritious breakfast and an exercise routine. He then paces himself throughout the day, remembering to take time to rest and physically recharge on a regular basis.

His interest in optimal human performance has led him to delve deeply into anti-aging research. In fact, Jason Hope has leveraged the philanthropic arm of his work to fund stem-cell research and other cutting-edge avenues that may lead to increased lifespans and better health. He remains keen on the potential of the Digital Age to uplift everyone. For Jason Hope, that might be building a new business or starting a nonprofit organization that will help other people and/or address pressing problems confronting the world today. He said tools like IoT, AI and social media marketing are examples of innovations that can help everyone realize their maximum potential.