liu qiangdong’

What is JD’s new and improved business model? JD Inc. has decided to focus on reaching more consumers on the largest possible scale. His vision, detailed in a popular press conference held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, involves much more than simply selling products online and using China as a warehouse for Chinese goods. As Liu explained, he believes JD will become a kind of platform that “will bring the entire world to China.”

To help put his vision into practice; Liu has been making various investments in innovative technology and in multiple enterprises all around China. Liu Qiangdong is a rare breed in China’s business world. Hailed as the new poster boy of China’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene, Liu is known globally for his entrepreneurial achievements as well as his entrepreneurial spirit, intelligence and people-focused leadership.

Liu learned how to navigate a series of stormy conditions, notably the 2008 financial crisis, which derailed some of his friends’ projects and personal endeavors. This experience, and his positive outlook on life, ultimately shaped the Liu that is known and loved by millions in China. The company’s newfound success is based on how it responds to changing business and technological needs, investing in infrastructure and its members.

More than one million companies rely on the company to store, market, and sell their products, and sharing its success to help promote innovation in the industry. This approach led to an incredible year of business growth over the years as reported by the company’s financial reports. Some of the popular retail brands that started out as stores on JD’s site include Wal-Mart, Nike, and. Liu’s vision is to sell the Chinese middle class the modern version of their favorite foreign brands, eliminating the high price points and competing with foreign products at a price they can afford.

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