John Savignano is a famously known business executive in New York. He has had a diverse career in public accounting, where he was a Chief Financial Officer and controller in leading international companies, for example, MasterCard and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

John now has a CPA practice where he uses his skills to assist customers in reaching an understanding, which will help them make decisions that will profit the business. He is a part-time professor at Fordham University and aims to teach accounting to anyone interested.

John Savignano believes that anyone who wants to join the business world should know some basic information on accounting as it is a stepping stone to venture into other fields. Below are some of the traits John discusses that are necessary for an accountant to have to serve their clients properly.

Pays attention to detail – a good accountant must be detail-oriented as accounting uses lots of data which can be disastrous when a mistake occurs. There are also a lot of laws, tax structures, and compliance issues to learn and comprehend.

Organized – being organized is a critical trait considering the amount of data involved. To improve efficiency keeping comprehensive records for customers and presenting results that are well planned and easy to read are some of the ways to demonstrate organization.

Strong work ethic – many accountants start out working extremely long hours. It is essential to have a good work ethic to build enduring success in accounting.

Keeps up with technology – with the advancement of technology in several industries, there is a need to gain knowledge in technology continually. Accounting is no exception, as Certified Public Accountants are required to be well-versed in a wide range of platforms and applications that will help serve customers better.

Social – an accountant who can connect with customers and be personable is more likely to help their clients solve issues regarding their business, success, or personal security. READ: Top 2022 Accounting Trends with John Savignano