Kfir Gavrieli, an American-based entrepreneur and businessman, is the CEO and co-founder of Tieks. This shoe company continues to create trendy and comfortable foldable footwear that has struck customers worldwide. According to Gavrieli, to succeed in their industry, they need to approach every circumstance with an open mind. He claims this mindset helped Tieks pioneer their new foldable shoe design and transform their retail approach in 2008.

Tieks is a visionary of direct selling in footwear and innovators of the foldable flats design. Seeing Tiek’s vision, KIVA, an American-based non-profit organization, continues to support the firm to achieve its unique objectives through funds. KIVA officials continue to view Tieks as a trendsetter instead of a follower setting up new things beyond what already exists. Gavrieli credits his childhood to his devoted work ethic.

He believes his parents motivated him to become a remarkable entrepreneur. His parents immigrated to the US together with their five children to make a life. They moved to the LA San Fernando Valley with a target of establishing a thriving family enterprise from scratch. The business they established helped mold Kfir and his siblings into hardworking people.

The CEO credits a book by an Israeli professor and historian, Yuval Noah Harari. He states that Sapiens is a book packed with resourceful knowledge. He adds that he believes the book reflects his values along with that of his home place Jewish community. Gavrieli feels the book resonates with him because a person’s time on earth is limited relative to history. It also portrays how the comparative advantage people enjoy has helped humans become the most skilled species to survive on earth. Kfir Gavrieli also relates to the book on a deeper level because of its similarity to Jewish tradition. Read this article for related information.

Background Details

Gavrieli is a staunch believer in things happening through external forces. He quickly understands that your purpose, happiness, and success are driven by force larger than yourself. It drives each decision you might make, either in your professional and personal life.

Tieks came up with “Tieks for Heroes Program” that offered a one hundred dollars card gift to the first respondents of the sewing campaign, nurses, doctors, and military service team. Tieks Company is a popular lender at KIVA and has extended microloans to women of color worthy ten million dollars and above.


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