Running a successful business as a woman is challenging, but deciding to come to light on an issue such as in-vitro fertilization is bold enough. Miki Agrawal is one tough woman who has decided to take up the challenge and speak up about the alternative method of conceiving for the many women who cannot conceive a child in the usual traditional way.

As a beneficiary of this technology, Miki advocates women to adopt this technology despite the stigma around this topic. It’s quite a complex decision to make in life, and walking the journey with a licensed doctor will ease the journey for most women. Miki notes that in-vitro fertilization is quite an expensive procedure, and one should get armed with some resources as most insurance companies do not cover this procedure.

The majority of women have failed to take up the technology for several reasons: lack of knowledge or awareness about an alternative method of conceiving that is safe and available. Consequently, the community and society are stigmatizing the entire process and condemning most women to remain in the dark regarding in-vitro fertilization, IVF. But business leaders like Miki Agrawal have taken up to ensure that there are proper measures and support systems around this topic. Most women embrace it as an alternative option.

With the support of business moguls such as Miki, who has founded reputable companies such as Thinx, established itself as one of the most reputable garment manufacturing companies in New York. The company produces underwear for various categories of society, right from women, men, and children. Similarly, Miki Agrawal is the founder of yet another successful business entity known as Tushy that specializes in producing toilet cleaning products, and it also operates from New York. The other business entity in Miki basket is Wild, a gluten-free pizza restaurant in Manhattan, New York.

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