Min-Liang Tan is a top business executive who has established a successful brand in the gaming industry with a wide range of services that continues to flourish. Before pursuing his passion for gaming, he had served as an attorney for a while. When Tan eventually began his gaming company with his partner Robert, their aspiration to develop a better gaming mouse.

Tan reiterates that by creating a better mouse, they would be in an excellent position to compete with other gamers in the market. He notes that this aim led to the creation of the Boomslang mouse, the Razers flagship product that was designed to improve speed and precision. Min-Liang Tan also reiterates that the mouse has helped better the gamers’ competitive spirit, which has been the reason for his continued drive to create better gaming peripherals in more than a decade.

The Razer CEO points out that they would have stopped at creating a mouse when starting the gaming company, but they resorted to creating an entire gaming ecosystem. Currently, Min Liang Tan is in the process of finalizing the Razer banking license. Min Tan points out that he is always looking out for the next challenge.

At only 40 years old, Tan is considered the youngest billionaire in Singapore. He earned this title in 2017 after Razer going public in November 2017. Min Liang Tan states that they never look backwards on whatever they set to achieve. On the contrary, Razer is always looking to create better gaming peripherals that can help them reach the next level.

About Min Liang Tan

Min Tan is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Razer, a gaming company involved in designing and selling computer gaming products. He was born and raised in Singapore, but he currently resides in San Francisco. He graduated with a law degree from the Singapore National University before turning his passion for gaming into a fortune 500 company. Go here for related information.


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