Mirabaud, a Swiss-based bank over 200 years old, has assets totaling in the billions. It offers investment advice, asset management, and private banking services throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Its expertise lies in its hand at the banks of private and public sector participants. Most employees work out of Zurich, Basel, Geneva, London, Madrid, Valencia, Paris, Luxembourg, and Valencia. Some non-European offices are situated in Dubai (UAE), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Sao Paulo (BR), Lima (PER), Hong Kong, and Shanghai (CHN).

Mirabaud has key employees who are in charge of running the business. They include Mr. Yves, the Senior Managing Partner, Lionel Aeschlimann, Camille Vial, and Nicholas, who have different roles in operations in the organization. The Company has around 700 employees. Its core areas of operation are wealth Management, asset management, and security services. Because of good governance, the workers at the Company coordinate what they are doing to ensure they provide the best service to clients.

Since its founding, the Company has changed in terms of personnel, services, organizational structure, and sales. In 2014, Mirabaud Asset Management (Europe) SA and the bank Mirabaud & Cie (Europe) SA merged into one. This was when SCA was formed from Company. The Company has inspired its customers with their economic knowledge and understanding of how finance can influence people’s lives. The Company now extends its international presence by locating worldwide.

It is a long-standing banking institution with a history of serving professionals for 200 years. They are reputable and have many loyal customers who often choose to use their services. The Company has also invested in sponsoring the Bold’Or Mirabaud, one of the world’s most lucrative races on Geneva’s longest freshwater lake. This year marks the event’s 200th anniversary, so when it was held, people could visit the Geneva Museum of Modern Arts for free.

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Find more information about them on https://www.abps.ch/en/members/mirabaud-cie-sa/