Betsy DeVos does not give off mixed signals when it comes to education. She supports religious-based operations as well as alternative schools, and that includes home schools. As a leader in the education arena, she is a public figure, and that responsibility brings with it some criticism.


Some of the people that surround her have noted her inability to consider all sides of the situation. Her commitment to her cause is often perceived as closed-minded and restrictive. If you ask her, she believes her plight is to include more opportunities, like secular schools.


People that do not agree with her want religion and schooling to be separated. It is a common thread throughout the United States that religion and government do not commingle, but many feel that the agenda DeVos is constantly pushing is just that.


All of her efforts are not frowned upon. Some of the work that she has done in Michigan benefited the community greatly. Through her foundation, art centers and medical facilities have expanded and prospered.


The DeVos family has saturated Grand Rapids for generations. Dick DeVos is Betsy’s husband, and his parents are part of the original Amway Corporation, which began in Michigan. Dick’s mother and father were also very active in community projects in their time.


In the early days, Betsy DeVos collaborated directly with parents who wanted to keep their kids at Potter’s House. She also helped them get their children into college with scholarship money. Many of her acts appear to be very charitable. A financial and entertainment publication listed her family’s foundation as one of the top donors in America.


Feelings about Betsy DeVos run the gamut, but there is plenty of evidence that her philanthropic activities exceed that of many other wealthy families. She has donated cash and spent time as a board member and chairperson with several groups.