Today, Richard Liu is well-known as a leader in China’s e-commerce industry. His early beginnings were not as grand, however; Richard Liu Qiangdong has worked steadily throughout his life to achieve his current level of success.

Liu Qiangdong grew up in the village of Chang’an. Like many in the village, his family was poor. They lived without electricity or running water. Despite these disadvantages, Liu studied hard and succeeded in school. Eventually, he was admitted to Renmin University in Beijing.

After building a successful side business as a computer programmer during his university days, Liu decided to open a restaurant. This was his first experience with professional failure — the restaurant did not succeed. Undaunted, he continued his education at China Europe International Business School. At the same time, he worked at Japan Life, eventually rising to a director position in the Computers and Service division.

Soon after, Liu made an unexpected step: he opened a tiny electronics business called in Zhongguancun. Customers quickly grew to appreciate his genuine, reliable goods, and he gained a large following. In the span of five years, Liu grew his business into a 12-store empire.

When SARS swept China, Qiangdong pivoted successfully. He took advantage of the internet, selling his products online to people across the country. In 2004, became the official online storefront. Just 12 months later, the entire business moved into the online space.

To grow his business even more, Qiangdong developed a cutting-edge logistics service. This enabled to deliver its products to more customers. He also started buying products and selling them to consumers, ensuring that every item met his high standards.

Liu’s hard work paid off; when it comes to transaction volume, is the biggest internet-based business that sells direct to consumers. Go here for related information about Liu Qiangdong.


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