Richard Mishaan Design Brings Style to your Home

Everyone wants to live in a home whose décor is an envy to many. So if you happen to have the means, you can hire an interior designer. This is where people like Richard Mishaan come in. Richard Mishaan has made a name for himself in the interior designing world. This is evident through his recognition as one of the best architectural/interior designers in New York.


Career Life

Richard Mishaan started at the bottom of the chain and has worked his way up. He attended Columbia University and got his BA from New York University. After finishing his studies, he worked as an apprentice. Later, he started Richard Mishaan Design. Mishaan is a firm believer that every good furniture piece can be put together successfully regardless of the style or price.

He has written two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. He first got into designing hotels when he was asked to design a presidential suite for the St. Regis Hotel in New York. Richard believes that in order for a hotel to be considered excellent, it needs a combination of glamor, comfort, good quality and an ooze of sexiness.


Richard Mishaan Hotel Designs

Richard Mishaan’s work in the hotel industry as a designer is no secret. He just concluded his design on the Shelborne Hotel and is working on designing the Hotel Tcherassi, Marriot AC hotel and finally, he is looking to unveil a new hotel that he has founded. His inspiration comes from his exposure to the culture around the world. He travels a lot and gets to interact with other cultures and customs and from this, he gets fresh ideas.


His favorite person to work with, in the industry is Silvia Tcherrasi. Like Richard, she is passionate about design. He also loved working with Soss Klein because of his marketing abilities and creativity. However, he loves the experience he has gained through everyone he has met and worked with.


Final Note

Richard is an interior design guru and through his company Richard Mishaan Design, he gets to live his dream.

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