Climate change is a topic that many people consider a fairytale. Many facts of how climate change affects everything on the planet and cannot continue to be overlooked. Simon Denyer is a Pulitzer-prize-winning author, journalist, and foreign correspondent for the Washington Post.

Simon Denyer has over 25 years of experience as a foreign correspondent partnering with his team at the Washington Post and has recently been awarded a Pulitzer prize award for his detailed journalism on climate change. He and his team explain the dire effects of extreme effects in temperatures in Japan’s northernmost islands of Hokkaido.

Simon Denyer and his team show in detail the decline of salmon caught on Japan’s northern coast. He says that 70% of the salmon population has declined in the past 15 years He explains in his article that the cause of the declining salmon population is the loss of a unique blanket of ice that rests below the sea level. The increase in sea temperature will melt the ice that maintains the salmon’s habitat.

The steady temperature increases cause a decline in the salmon habitat. He explains that most areas of the sea have taken an increase in temperature as much as 3 degrees Celsius, since preindustrial times, according to a Washington Post analysis. Simon attended Cambridge University, Trinity College, where she studied Economics for 3 years.

He graduated and earned his bachelor’s Associate in Economics. Since then, Simon has gained many awards and has generated recognition for his work in Journalism. Simon gained a Pulitzer prize in 2020 for his article and has sparked awareness on the global impact of climate change.

He won The Overseas Pressclub of America for his work into China’s digital censorship and surveillance practices. He is the author of the book “Rogue Elephant: Harness The Power of India’s Unruly Democracy His book was published by Bloomsbury in 2014 and has gained some positive reviews. Simon has many years of public speaking experience and has appeared on many media platforms including BBC, CNN, Fox News, and many others. To know more click: here.