Luke Lazarus is an individual who embraced the culture of hard work from a very young age.

His work ethic and determination became more evident because, at only twenty-five years of age, he was already an owner of four businesses and later sold them at age thirty-three.

The selling of Lazarus’ businesses saw him try his hands in a new venture aimed at helping other like-minded individuals to build successful businesses.

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He then founded Luke Lazarus Consulting, located in Sydney, Australia. So, where did Lazarus’ entrepreneurship journey begin?

He owned his first business when he was eight years old, and while most people cannot mix business and academics. Lazarus excelled in business and academics as well.

An alumnus of Melbourne Business School, Lazarus holds a Masters of Business.

After school, he never took up the employment path, even after being sought after by renowned companies.

He was fixed on his entrepreneurial journey and had a goal to create businesses.

One of the things he stands by is that to excel in entrepreneurship; one must understand their goal.

As a consultant, Lazarus, always, tries to make his clients see the power of outsourcing.

Most startups want to handle all business tasks themselves, and sometimes it doesn’t work.

If a business owner is focused on growth, then the only time they can achieve that is to let some of their business functions be handled by other talents.

As a result, Lazarus is now a household name in Australia since he has helped many startups create functional business models.

Another thing he highly encourages his client to seek funding to help boost their businesses.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Lazarus Consulting, Lazarus has become one of the most reliable business leaders.

Several CEOs within Melbourne are now reliant on his strategic planning experience to grow their various businesses.

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