Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey to maneuver.

It requires a set of skills and mindset to maneuver the business world.

Many startups face many challenges, and no one solution fits all in finding answers.

A business owner should find which solution will best work for them.

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One businessman has come up to help the different startup businesses progress and achieve the various milestones in the industry.

Luke Lazarus is one businessman who has helped many businesses thrive and achieve profitability; he ventured into the business world at the tender age of eight years.

Luke Lazarus realized the importance of education in running a business.

He attended formal education and graduated from a prestigious University in Australia, getting skills in Business administration.

Lazarus has always had a passion for helping startups; he turned down several job offers after completing his school education.

Lazarus started his consultancy firm that is concerned with helping startups.

He advises businesses starting to be mission-oriented.

Once a company has identified its mission, it can outsource various services.

Many business owners begin to fail due to the desire to be in every business sector.

Lazarus encourages business owners to outsource for services that are not the core function of the business.

Through doing this, a company can focus on other core functions.

The consultancy firm is sought after in the country and continues to receive various recognitions.

Luke Lazarus has noted that multiple trends are cropping up in the marketing arena.

The trends include wide usage of social media avenues.

Influencer marketing has taken over the different social media platforms and is a low cost that guarantees a return on investment.

Mobile payments are another trend that has come up during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Many consumers prefer making payments using mobile devices.

It is a marketing trend set to grow in the coming years.

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