While COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend life worldwide, few individuals have ventured forth to lead by example in helping communities. Rising past the COVID-19 pandemic hampering and helping various individuals in need, Kfir Gavrieli has played a pivotal role and inspires a new path in people.

Led by the businessman, Tieks recently made headlines as a community conquering hero. The shortages of masks for healthcare workers saw the entrepreneur transform his business to help protect healthcare professionals. Tieks, a footwear fashion brand, was aligned to the drive of bringing forth PPE for vitally important healthcare workers.

No doubt, the pandemic effect saw Tieks hastily redefine its manufacturing headquarters into a mask-sewing assembly. This transition saw Kfir Gavrieli purchase a myriad of sewing machines that allows mass-making of face masks. Moreover, the entrepreneur worked closely with his staff members to mobilize the company’s customers, and followers sew millions of masks.

In addition, Kfir Gavrieli merged with various local businesses to establish and donate face masks to more critical health workers and Los Angeles County hospitals. This impact and support of the pandemic effects by the footwear brand became more extraordinary when it established the Operation #SewTogether campaign. This campaign saw an instant online hit as it utilized the power of social media to mobilize the company’s followers and fans sew countless masks.

Indeed, Kfir Gavrieli has embodied tenacity, kindness, and self-sacrifice, to mention a few. The entrepreneur feels that the power of collective effort, dedication, and team spirit led to the stunning success of the Operation #SewTogether campaign.

Equally, Kfir Gavrieli believes that his team members have played a significant role in driving the campaign to greatness. He considers them his personal heroes as every individual is more driven to put those in need ahead of themselves. The dedication and selflessness of his team saw the company achieve its goal of producing more than 1 million face masks. View their profile on LinkedIn, for related information.


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