IM Academy offers top-rated online services and products that equip the students with the knowledge to trade online. It involves live interactions aided with extensive app-based information to students. Sole entrepreneurs and Forex experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre established the Academy in 2013 to equip and develop the Forex fanatic with valid skills to apply in their trading.

IM Academy has grown into a big institution having 225,000 active subscribers benefiting from its products and services. Its corporate structure includes different secondary organizations in various global markets, and its headquarters remains in New York. Its staff works remotely, thus saving its finances on office spaces and organization real estate expenses. IM Academy emphasizes hiring top talents and remains focused on its educational mission.

Its basic products are academies learning modules consisting of four different training programs. IM Academy website enables new customers to have easy access. Every video module has numerous informational videos with many interactive sessions. The videos enable the subscribers to understand how Forex trading works and how to use IM video lessons while working.

Four learning academies are FRX academy, which guides students with foundations of foreign currency exchange via videos and goLive sessions. It contains 76 video modules covering the definition of Forex, its history, buying and selling, risk management planning, harmonics introduction, and trends analysis. HFX academy guides the students on the basics of high-frequency exchange and various types of analysis, including strategies, margins, spread, and order types. DCX academy equips the students with digital currency exchange and its basics.

Its content includes digital currency introductions, various types of digital currencies, valuation, chain, and any updates about digital currency. ECX emphasizes e-commerce, where students learn how to build and manage their online businesses. It includes e-commerce introduction, marketing options, basics of setting up an online business, payment processing, online marketing, advertising, and trending online products. See this article to learn more.


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