Edgard Corona is the CEO and founder of Bio Ritmo, which is one of the main companies found in the sports activity segment located in Brazil. He is also a major shareholder and CEO for Smart Fit , which is a well-known gym chain and a part of the group for Bio Ritmo. Another thing Edgard Corona is most known for is being a forerunner in management processes in sport-oriented businesses.

While he is known for his trajectory in his professional life, he has worked previously in the sector of industry. One of the things people don’t often know is that he is notorious for being a figure in politics and for appearing on shows.

Edgard Corona got a chemical engineering degree at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado and started off working in his family’s industry at Açucareira Corona. While working there, he managed to save the business after it was having problems financially. Eventually, he had to leave the family company after there were some internal problems.

The thing that helped him though was that he was already a member of a separate group that was created from the family’s business, so he had something to fall back on. He put all of his focus into this other business and helped it grow.

Years later, Corona founded Smart Fit and dedicated his time to making sure it offered great services to people at lower prices to make it easier for more people to enjoy. He made sure the business grew and became popular in other Latin American countries. This group has since managed to reach 5th place in the largest networks for sports academies found in the world.

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