Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has discovered methods to promote economic growth in these uncertain economic times. That’s by harnessing the power of innovation. It includes expanding current retail concerns with social media-driven branding tactics to building new platforms for employees and employers to find one another.

One of his current ventures, the internet recruiting business Jobandtalent, is one of his most enthusiastic. Jobandtalent, founded in Spain and currently with offices in Spain and the United Kingdom, employs complex data matching methods and cutting-edge internet technologies. It connects job searchers and employers in the ever-fluid global economy. It’s entirely online structure has also made it a useful tool amid a worldwide epidemic characterized by remote working and social distance, making in-person job interviews difficult.

Betancourt’s career began in a conventional industry, but when he experienced the company’s investment in renewable energy sources (wind, solar, and hydro), he realized the potential of technology-driven transformation. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez eventually co-founded a firm that supplies thermoelectric power industry experts. This was his first step toward becoming what he is now: a smart and disciplined investor who is always looking for new technology.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez kept branching out until 2014 when he added O’Hara Administration to his portfolio. It’s an asset management firm and investment fund that manages a diverse portfolio of assets across various industries today. Betancourt owns a controlling stake in the firm, specializing in arranging co-investment partnerships with institutional investors and European banks to fund the development of innovative technology through acquisitions. O’Hara is most known for being a big shareholder in Hawkers, a fashion sunglass business that has grown market share across Europe, Africa, and Asia after heavily investing in social media. When the company was encountering problems, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez became president.

Betancourt’s attention has shifted to Jobandtalent. Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navio launched the digital temp employment service in Madrid, Spain, in 2009, and it has been growing ever since. It presently operates in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, Mexico, and Colombia, with over 10 million registered users looking for temporary jobs and over 150,000 businesses using the site to recruit.