Bhanu Choudhrie is a British Indian entrepreneur and business owner. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Transactplus Group. In his career, he has launched and expanded over 40 successful businesses. Bhanu’s company provides consultancy services to other business owners on how to grow their businesses.

Bhanu started his first business, PCS Transact, at 19. Since then, he has expanded his portfolio to several different businesses, including radio and publishing. He has also founded and built numerous international companies in India and the UK. Bhanu has formed several companies with his business partners, including the PCS Group and PCS Transact Plus Ltd.

His Achievements:

Bhanu has expanded his business portfolio from a single computer-repair shop to a forty-layered business empire. His businesses include PCS Transact Plus, PCS Transact Limited, and B3 Communications, a venture capital company. He is also active in the media sector, mainly through his B3 Group, which has interests in several media properties, including Jai Media and IndiaWeek magazine.

He also owns three luxury hotels and is the CEO of Chaugana Hotels. Bhanu Choudhrie is a multi-millionaire from Mumbai in Maharashtra in, India. He is also the founder and chairman of Transactplus Group and has been involved in many successful business ventures. He is also a renowned successful entrepreneur.

Bhanu Choudhrie has many successful business ventures, including PCS Transact Plus Ltd, PCS Transact Limited, B3 Communications, Jai Media Pvt Ltd, and IndiaWeek magazine. He has recently purchased the Chaugana Hotels and is a director in both the Chaugana Group and Chaugana Hospitality Private.

The success of his business is based on two things, the first one being his hard work, and the second one being the hard work of his team. the main reason why his business is successful is that he works out of his mind and does not worry about what other people think about him.

Bhanu Choudhrie is an all-around entrepreneur who is successful in many fields. His story has inspired many to believe that you can be an entrepreneur and still live a peaceful life. Bhanu Choudhrie is the perfect example of someone who did not drop out of school because he was held back once. He continued to study and grew through some challenging times. He is a perfect example that hard work pays off, just as his success does.